My state of residence for the last 17 + years of North Carolina is looking to pass what is being called Amendment 1 to our state constitution.  The state legislature has already passed the amendment and it goes before public vote on May 8 of 2012.  The next part of this may get up under the craw of some people who will read this, I ask that you set aside your personal opinion of the matter at hand, what those in the legislature would have you believe is the intent of the law and realize the greater implications of allowing this amendment to pass.  This goes beyond religious point of view, feelings towards those that live alternate lifestyles and such.  Read up beyond what I post here, because should this amendment pass, my marriage of almost 17 years will cease to exist as it stands under this amendment, as may yours.

In an attempt to define what is marriage in NC, the legislature has proposed Amendment 1 to the state constitution.  The amendment is named the Same-Sex Marriage Amendment, but it is not so simple as the name would suggest.  Currently, same-sex marriages are not legal or recognized by the state, this amendment is an attempt to make it constitutionally protected.  The act does not stop there, further reading of the verbiage of the act would also make my marriage illegal under the constitution of the state.  You see my wife and I did not get married in a religious ceremony, we were married in the NJ equivalent of Justice of the Peace Civil Ceremony.  NC would not recognize an otherwise legal marriage of two members of the opposite sex because we were not married in a religious ceremony.  Now, lets take a break right here for a few and lit a few of the potential consequences of what may happen when you create a constitutional issue such as this should some crafty legal eagles decide to start marketing to the negatives of it.

1.  Civil ceremonies would be null and void.  All my soldier friends who went and took the “Dillon dash” to get hitched over a long weekend, guess what, NC says you are not covered under the legal safety net of marriage.

2. The obvious setbacks to same-sex marriage, civil unions, whatever you choose to term it, or in some cases deride it.  The world is changing folks, the military has done away with DADT, the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA is being questioned and challenged for constitutionality at the federal level and will likely be overturned sometime in the future.

3. Spouse abuse as we currently see it will have to be redefined, possibly allowing for the release of otherwise violent abusers.

4. Child custody, already a slippery slope will become an even larger quagmire than it already is.  Benefit coverage, child support and every other issue of custody dispute will need to be re-looked and questioned for the constitutional issues that will arise.

These are just some of the issues that will need to be addressed should this amendment pass.  Already, the popularity of it is losing steam, it is down several percent from the time it passed the legislature back in September of 2011.  The word is getting out about the deeper effects that will happen and those who were for it initially are starting to educate themselves a bit more and not taking politicians at face value.

There are several good resources out there to help you make up your mind on whether or not this amendment should pass.  Do not take my word for it, use your given rights as Americans to do the due diligence required to make a proper decision on the topic.  Protect All NC Families is an excellent resource.  They have copies as it exists for you to read and they break down the different components and how it may or may not affect you and your family.

I can see some further writing on this topic in the future and as the NC Primary date roles closer.  Please comment here on my blog, but also take this to your elected officials.  Get the word out, if ever there was a time to be a registered voter in NC the time is now.  This is truly one of those times when it is in the hands of the voter and NC with its diversity in race, creed, religion, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation should not fall prey to the ignorance of educating ourselves with the potential outcome of this amendment being ratified.

This is definitely a Jim Jones flavor of Kool-Aid to swallow.  Do not drink it blindly!!

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