Sponsors Starting to Drop Off of Their Support – A SOPA/PIPA Update

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Media, Political, Social Media
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Well it looks like some of our elected officials are starting to back down from their initial support of controversial Internet related bills.  One of the best known is Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.  According to a Huffington Post article, Rubio, one of the original people to put his name to the Senate’s PIPA has re-evaluated his stance and is paying a little bit of attention to his constituency and the fallout from the internet blackout supported by over 7000 internet companies today.  Companies like Google and Facebook did not completely close down but they did give visitors information related to the acts with Google blacking out it’s logo.  Wikipedia provided a place on its main page for you to put in your zip code and they would provide you the contact information for your elected officials; that was the only information they made available on their Web based encyclopedia.  Even WordPress, the provider of this blog space blacked out available information for hosted blogs on it’s Freshly Pressed page.

It is good to see a constructive protest for once.  Currently, there is no violence involved, although some feeling may have been hurt when their favorite site were not available.  I am sure the backlash on these hastily put together bills is being felt by their authors and sponsors on the Hill.  The intent was to try and protect American business but it was not done with the foresight required for something with global implications.  If the Occupy movements could put this kind of constructive effort into trying to right such an obvious wrong they may be seen as something more than just a bunch of people banging on drums, smoking dope and making public spaces unsanitary.  A protest only works when you have a goal and are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your aims.  Today some very economically sound companies were willing to take a hit in their pocketbook in order to get their point across.


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