A Busy Week For The World

Posted: January 21, 2012 in General, Media, Political, Social Media
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Ok, well it has been as couple of days since I have posted anything and the majority of what I revolved around SOPA/PIPA.  So just a little wrap-up for the week and if possible I will provide some links to the information that I find for the topic.


SOPA/PIPA – the online blackout of over 7000 companies, politicians dropping their support for them and eventual shelving of the bills for the time being.  The GOV not to be outdone by the mere protest of civilians who have no vested interest in the lobbying of the major pirated  organization, the Justice department decided to pursue what amounts to piracy charges against MEGAUPLOAD, an online file sharing site, even going so far as to have the principles arrested in New Zealand and turning the site offline.  In a virtual checkmate, hacker group anonymous conducted a rather successful DOS attack on several sites including the Justice Department, FBI, MPAA and several others.  They managed to embed some DOS code into benign programs that unwitting civilians opened, thereby starting the attack.

The South Carolina Republican Primary happens today.  The last week leading up to today’s vote has included two debates, Romney losing his lead, Newt catching up, good old Dick Perry dropping from the rolls, one of Newt’s ex-wives discussing his request for an open marriage when he found out she was diagnosed with MS, Newt being questioned with it in the last debate and his subsequent tirade against the moderator for asking about it.  It seems that he who has been a known philanderer and sanctioned ethics violator should not have his past brought in to play because he is a changed man, that is now that Newt does not have Cain to pick on.

In a divine stroke of balance for the Gingrich campaign however, movie star, action hero, martial arts badass and the living embodiment of all qualities American, Chuck Norris has stepped forward to endorse Newt.  We all should remember how well that worked for Mike Huckabee the last time around.  Chuck is a little bit of a campaign killer, so the litmus test for Republicans should be to find out who he endorses and choose one of the others.  His super awesome Chuck Norris powers work for everything from being able to count to infinity and having tears which cure cancer.  Politics and politicians seem to be his kryptonite however.


The music industry lost a star when Etta James passed away this week.

Garth Brooks broke down in tears during a lawsuit revolving around a hospital not naming a wing after his mother, after he paid for the wing to be built in her name.  Just proves to me there is no such thing as altruism, just feeling good because you did something good.

A grizzly find up at the Hollywood sign this week; a head and a few other body parts.  It turns out the owner of the parts has been identified as of today.  The head was found by a jogger in a plastic bag which had been opened along the trail.

Snooki allowed pictures of her to be taken, get this, sans makeup.  I have not seen them and shudder to think of what the outcome could be.  I shudder to think that someone whose only talent has been to make an ass out of herself on at least two continents and is really only famous for hanging out at Seaside Heights, NJ for a couple months per year.  I really do not know why I bothered to mention this particular one.


One of the biggest events in the world this week was the capsizing of the Costa Concordia off the Italian coast somewhere.  Carrying around 5000 people, the ship seems to have been ripped open while cruising too close to some rocks outside of its normal route.  The captain did not go down with the ship, refused orders to return and help organize the passenger evacuation and is currently under house arrest.  Turns out the married captain may have been a wee bit preoccupied with the Moldovan girlfriend of one of his crew.  More to follow on this one before the weekend is out.

We saw the beginning of a process between the Taliban and ….Everyone.  While the talks have not yet officially begun, the facilities for doing such is being prepared on relatively neutral ground still in the middle east.

Iran is its normal belligerent self, but there has been a show of support for the west as members of the Arab league begin to chastise the Iranian government, both the religious and elected.  Iran fired back at the US by claiming it had captured yet another US spy; a story which has not seen enough press  this week in my opinion, at least domestically.

Shark attacks are up in Australia.  There have been three so far this year, which meets the yearly average according to what I have read.  Considering the lovely continent down-under has a pretty good monopoly on all things dangerous that live, I would have guessed three was a rather low number for shark attacks.  Considering they have nine of the top ten deadly serpents, crocodiles, extremely poisonous spiders and the place started out as an English penal colony, sharks have kept a pretty low profile.

Of the thousands of stories available out there, I think I touched upon some of the common as well as more interesting, if not persistent ones out there.  I have at least two more blogs planned before the weekend is out.  I plan on discussing the merits of a captain going down with his ship and if he really is as nutless as he would appear given all the ink he has received this week.  I will also be writing about a topic that has confounded man for generations, a medical myth, but proven almost nightly that it exists, a search for something as elusive as King Solomon’s mines, the yeti, and world peace……..You will know what it is when you see the title 🙂

Till then


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