Busy, Busy

Posted: January 28, 2012 in General

It has been almost a week since the last time I have posted.  It has been a busy, busy week as the title would indicate.  I have a few topics I will address either today or tomorrow, including: the Westboro Baptist Church; the Guardian ad Litem program, and a weekly wrap-up of all those wonderful events I did not get a chance to hit up during the week.

Sorry this seems to be turning out as a weekend project, but I am enjoying my recent role as house dad, even with the bumps and bruises it has brought along the way.  My wife is taking the much needed time to complete her degree(s) and the requirements it/they have in order for all her schooling to pay off.  So, between work and the kidly and household stuff that needs to be done I am trying to embrace my new-found responsibilities, each day gaining more respect for my wife and the thousands of other military spouses (this includes the male of the species, very gender neutral here) who hold it all together while the significant other is away.

Until later…..

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