Who is your Wil Wheaton?

Posted: February 5, 2012 in General, Social Media
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Okay, I am going to try and use a little bit of humor to make a bit of a point and show a bit of my geekier side while I am at it.  Anyone who is familiar with the show ‘Big Bang Theory’ on CBS and now in syndication will understand why I use the name of Wil Wheaton.  The actor who plays himself periodically on the show is the nemesis of one of the main characters called Sheldon.  Each and every time they come across each other, Sheldon, for all his self-professed intellectual superiority over mere mortals, succumbs to the deceit and guile of Mr. Wheaton.  No matter what the contest, Wheaton is able to get under Sheldon’s skin and essentially own him.  I have no idea what type of person Wil Wheaton is in real life, but I love the character he has created himself to be on the show and can only imagine the ways he will continue to maintain control over Sheldon in future episodes and what other contests he may defeat him in due to this ability.

All humor aside, we all have our personal Wil Wheatons.  It may be a person, an event or activity, or something else that we just have an enduring inability to break the shackles of in order to overcome it.  For some people, even more so in this day and age, it is the bully.  The presence of the bully no longer gives children from the schoolyard a brief respite each evening.  Social networking and the internet have extended the reach beyond the wedgie or having a swirly pulled on you; online threats, vicious video attacks, publishing of pictures and other means too numerous to mention are just a mouse click away.  Kids who had the safety of being home and away from their nemesis are now haunted by them through the ether as well.

The nemesis is not just restricted to the bully either.  The perpetual second-placer, the guy or gal who always gets the credit or the promotion at work, for some people it is whoever ends up in the life of the significant ex and with their children.  When it comes to events or activities, I do not mean phobias or irrational fears.  The high-pitched squeal and rapid breathing I get when I am surprised by a slithery snake in no way precludes me from lopping its head off; just ask the green mamba who flopped around with no direction trying to re-attached its body to its head one dark Nigerian night.  What I mean is that activity or event, that no matter how much you train or seek to kick its ass, you just cannot clear your mind of your prior failures at it in order to conquer it and whoop up on its ass.

Sometimes our WW’s (shortened for brevity) are substantial in appearance and significance.  Other times they really have no great bearing on how we lead our lives other than it is a milestone that cannot be overcome.  One thing is for certain, whether it be a person place, thing or idea, it is a significant impact on ourselves, each and every time we are faced with it.  It is easier said than done to just look across the table and just say “screw it” (or more vulgar as the situation may dictate) to the situation as it begins to crawl up under your dome, but it is no less the truth that you will not move on until you are able to.

We all have our reasons for why we are affected the way we are by things, that is just the way that it is.  I was probably equal parts bully and bullied throughout my childhood career.  As I have grown older and experienced the utter cruelties available to people in this big, wide world of ours I have come to understand that control is no less significant at the individual level as it is on a state or country wide level.  Good, bad or indifferent it is not until you can turn to your Wil Wheaton and scream !@$% YOU!!! that you will begin to throw off the shackles in your mind holding you back.  What you need to realize is that you still might not succeed!  That is just the nature of the beast, but at least you can “not succeed” with a true 100% effort, mind, body and soul, not because you got your ass kicked before you ever began.  There is more merit in the old adage “better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all” than most people can ever truly appreciate.  It is still a bitter pill to swallow, but it is at least your pill.

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