Chicken Nuggets, It’s Whats for Lunch

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Child Welfare, Government, Political
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Earlier this week I happened to catch a Fox news clip (an actual new clip, not their usual blathering).  In this clip a reporter for a NC newspaper that I had never heard of before was being interviewed about a story she broke.  This story was based around little 4 year old girl who was at a local pre-school More at Four program.  It seems that this little girl had a mother who was conscientious enough to pack her a lunch from how consisting of: a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice, and a bag of chips.  This poor little girl was not allowed to eat her lunch brought from home because it did not meet the USDA requirements for a healthy lunch.  The school instead gave her a meal consisting of processed chicken nuggets instead, she was also required to get milk instead of juice because apple juice is not considered a healthy substitute.

The school in Hoke county had a state inspector present during lunch hour and when the girl’s lunch was inspected it was determined not to meet the requirements!  The inspector is part of what is being dubbed on the net as the FLBI, Food Lunchbox Inspectors.  According to the school it was a misunderstanding and the little girl did not understand that she needed to just get what they determined to be lacking in her home lunch and instead went through the line and got the replacement meal, for which her mother was charged $1.25.  Here is a video of the school system trying to clarify what the situation really was:

Even if this was a misunderstanding of a little girl and an overzealous “inspector”, who the hell are these lunch police and why are they saying what can or cannot be brought from home.  In a state that has more than its fair share of overweight and obese children, I am not really sure that they are qualified to determine what children can or cannot eat.  Considering I have an elementary age child and get a copy of each months meal calendar I am not too sure if she is better off bringing a meal or buying it there.  This is especially true since I know she can get either all or part of the meal as she sees fit when she goes through the line.

Something I can agree with Michelle Obama on, is the state of meals in schools is pretty shabby all around.  I admire her initiative to require schools to offer a healthy meal as opposed to the current menus provided.  After all, our local taxes should at least provide our children good food if they are going to get a bare minimum education in NC.

The family in question has tried to keep their name and face out of the news.  I cannot really blame them.  It is a pretty unforgiving environment down here when people make waves.  I will say however, had it been one of my children, it would not be such a quiet endeavor.  That is probably one of the reasons my wife is much more suited to deal with officials than I am.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on what I think is quite an invasion of this families rights.  What do you think, does the state have the right to change a meal that you packed for your own child?

  1. Nate says:

    It should be a crime to do this to our children. Any processed foods should be taken off the menu. If this was my kid that assistant superintendent would be doing that interview with a black eye


    • Nate, you see it the same as me. Like I said, probably why my wife is much better suited to do the face time for situations like that. It is one thing if you send you kid to school with the intent of buying lunch, but not when you send them to school with their lunch, even if it is a less than nutritious one.


  2. Adam says:

    Did you see Jamie Oliver – Food Revolution? Dude was talking about these kind of issues. School lunch never really gets better… but it really needs too.


    • I did not see the one from his show, but I remember a show Shaq did a couple years ago for some overweight kids in Florida. Jamie Oliver was on there and he did two episodes in the cafeteria at the school they attended. The first one he was not able to meet neither the time constraints or money constraints. Miserable fail.

      The second time he was on it, he came back with a plan and did an awesome job. Good fresh food, purchased locally and able to be prepared in a timely manner. The lunch lady land is definitely one where they need to start training to standard instead of time.


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