Unexcused Absence

Posted: March 3, 2012 in General

This is the first post I have written for the Zone in almost two weeks.  I would like to both apologize for my absence and thank those who continued to visit despite the lack of anything current.  I am have generally restricted myself to writing on the weekends, I have more time to sit down and write something and I am generally too tired to put my thoughts into anything resembling a coherent structure after work during the week.  It just so happens that I began last weekend with very little inspiration with which to write anything and by the end of it, I was beginning to come down with some sort of creeping crud that reached its peak of discomfort by mid-week.  This week has turned out to be a much more interesting week for topics, so please look forward to a steady stream of postings over the next 24 to 48 hours.

I would like to start off by wishing my beautiful niece a Happy 6th Birthday today.  Being the horrible uncle that I am, I have minimal remembrance for dates of significance relating to personal.  Thankfully, social media has made me much more adept at recognizing at least the birthdays of those I am close to.  I hope that Facebook announces the birth of our nation this July 4th.  It would be a most correct and respectful honorific, as without the rebelliousness of those crazy, powdered-wig wearing bastards back in 1776, chances are there would not even be social networking as we know it today.  Also a shout out to my awesome sister-in-law,  for keeping me straight as an uncle.

This week the American public was made aware of what the true definition of ‘slut’ is.  Guantanamo Bay detainees get their chance to put together a run for the next World Cup of Soccer, thanks to the American tax-payer.  Governor Christie of NJ loses a little bit more shine as during the last week a mayor from a mid-west township burned the NJ flag in protest of lower the flags in honor of Whitney Houston after her death and Mayor Bloomberg of NYC spanked Chrstie’s wee-wee a little bit over the NYPD surveillance of Muslim students in Newark while Christie was a federal prosecutor.  The Gallup organization released the latest list of the Top 10 Most and Least Obese states in the nation.  Congrats to my home state of NJ for being on the light side of things, AND, to my current state of residence, NC, for not being on the heavy side of the list.  Considering the number of electric carts I see straining at the wheels at Walmart and FoodLion, I am pleasantly surprised by this revelation, but would really not be surprised if NC were somewhere between 10 and 15.

As the race for Republican presidential nominee builds toward Super-Tuesday this week, religion has played a prominent role across the board and spectrum of belief.  The topic was not restricted to presidential nominees either, we had battles relating to contraception, gay marriage, a nauseating speech about how nauseated a candidate is by a former presidents views on separation of church and state, and the Mormons continue baptizing dead figures from the past, regardless of when/where they lived, or what their beliefs may have been in the first place.  I am not sure if I am going to address this topic in one post or the multitude of items as they apply to different postings.  One way, I will probably irk a few people, one or two intentionally, but with the intent of them getting irked enough they actually do some research to back up their ire.  The other way may just allow me to further hammer home a few points I want to make.  Time permitting I may just go with both methods.

Alright, time to suck down another cup of coffee and get cracking on one of these varied topics.  Look for my follow on here in just a little while.


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