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Posted: March 24, 2012 in General, Social Media
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In honor of the four visitors from the United Kingdom that showed up on my stats today, I figured I would dedicate a little time this evening to something I was going to write about tomorrow anyway.  Our cousins across the pond will be hosting the Olympics this summer in London.  In honor of that it, was asked of the second child of Sir Paul McCartney, Stella, to design the new uniforms for the team.  It seems despite the fact she is the child of Knighted Member of the British Empire, it seems she has left a key piece of her Union Jack inspired off.  The color Red.  Red is one of the key colors on the British flag.  Take a look at the uniforms and the correct colors of the flag:

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Now, Ms. McCartney feels that the uniforms were inspired by the Union Jack and that she never intended to disrespect the national symbol.  This may well be the case, but in leaving off the color red, she left off the Cross of St. George and the St. Patrick’s Cross.  if you can imagine the flag as it is supposed to be, then you can also imagine the White St. Andrews Cross in its correct position, at least on some of the uniforms.  The Cross of St. George is the standard type cross which runs up and down and side to side.  Both the crosses of St. Patrick and St. Andrew represent Ireland and Scotland respectively.  The white and red crosses are known as Saltires and are the angled crosses to St.George.  The flag of Great Britain is a unique blend of the three countries which make up the Empire.

In my opinion, if you are going to use the flag as your inspiration, but not necessarily use the true design, then you should do so with ALL of the colors and with them having the correct proportion based on the legal description of the flag.  The other option in my non-designer humble opinion would be to use the colors and emboss a small version of the flag in an appropriate scale and prominence on the uniform.

I highly doubt Stella McCartney intended any disrespect to the flag and the Kingdom. There is however a certain expectation when an official device is unveiled (in this case the official UK uniforms) and it is designed around the most prominent symbol of the land, that it would be readily apparent that proper homage was portrayed.

I have visited the UK, England, Scotland and Ireland a few times and would love to spend more than a few days exploring the rich history of the Isles.  I have worked quite a bit with our cousins across the pond and unfortunately been to more than one memorial for lost mates.  The UK has been one of our staunchest allies since we moved past our little excursions into self-governance.  I hope they perform well in the upcoming Olympics, coming in second to us in all events of course.  I know having been to London on a couple of occasions that each and every day they play host to the world will be a party, all of this will happen regardless of what the uniforms look like.  British perfection will allow no less.


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