It seems Mother Nature has thrown my well timed plans out today, so I will provide a little commentary earlier than I had anticipated this morning.

I read a sporting news article yesterday about how the Senator in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dick Durbin, has decided he is going to but into the NFL’s business and hold hearing on the Bounty Scandal that broke from the New Orleans Saints recently.  Before I get into a little sidebar on sports entertainment and how they get paid, let me keep on track for a moment.  Considering all the other issues we have in this country, why does Congress consistently put their paws into things that have absolutely dick (Durbin) to do with the United States government, especially the sports world.  In the last 10 years they have stuck their noses into two American sports institutions, baseball with the whole steroid scandal and now it seems football has caught their eye.  As if we have enough money sitting around to hold Congressional hearings on something that the NFL has addressed, rather forcefully and pretty harshly already.  Sounds to me like a “F… You, Roger Goodell, you cannot possible take care of your house as well as the United States Government can” to me.

There are millions of people in America today not working, (either because they cannot find a job OR they are too lazy and prideful to take a job they have had the privilege of picking on an illegal immigrant for doing for the last several years) and Congress has not found a way to alleviate the issue that a naturally correcting economy is not taking care of itself.  How many people in the last several years have gone into foreclosure because Congress passed laws allowing the mortgage industry to underwrite loans on people who had either no or shit credit, simply because it is socially responsible for everyone to have a house, even if there was no system of checks and balances available to properly guide people on what they could actually afford.  The First Lady, not the agencies who Congress controls the budgets of, seems to be the only person in our government who actually cares what our children eat for lunch at school.

It is not like we have a flawless system of healthcare available to everyone in the nation given to us by this august body.  Oh, that is right Ms. Pelosi, you are now able to read the 1800 plus pages you passed and see what exactly is in there.  Accountability of how many billions to banks that should have just been allowed to fail while their CEOs took their bonuses despite leading these companies and our economy down the toilet.  Who is responsible for the closure of over 200 postal distribution centers because as the only government agency actually allowed to operate at a profit it is not allowed to re-invest those profits in itself, it has to turn them over to the USG as a “tax” and then justify its operating expenses to the body who squanders its profit in the first place?

Well, all that nuisance stuff aside, time for me to use my limited authority as head of the Senate Judiciary Committe, and exceed it, by holding hearing because a NFL team had the audacity to offer up bounties to physically put people out of a game or end their careers.  This despite the fact that once it came to light, NFL President Roger Goodell actually took action in a timely manner, had the allegations investigated and took decisive action about it.  Hell no, the leader of a corporate entity that makes billions each year and can justify exorbitant ticket prices simply by charging them, what experience does he have to mete out the kind of punishment and investigation that only the Congress of the United States can bungle and waste money of?  It seems yet again our elected officials have decided what is in the national interest, even though the issue has been dealt with and punitive action decided and taken.

Now, I will use this forum to discuss my personal feelings on professional athletes and their careers. Firstly, they are professionals and they are there to entertain me (us).  I really do not care about their personal health, how smart they are, whether or not they cheated through school in pursuit of their dream and what their prospects are once they are no good to their sport.  If they want to take steroids, then lets set up a medically monitored program to ensure that it is done within a bounds of safely.  There was a time that no matter how good of an athlete you were, you got the same base pay as the other members of your team and it was pretty measly.  You actually made your money for, get this now, PERFORMING!  Baseball players had to hit home runs, throw strike outs, knock in RBI’s, etc.  Football players had to throw touchdowns, get sacks, etc.  The point is salaries and bonuses were performance based.  It seems today the salaries are so high and guaranteed to be paid, whether they are actually playing or not, the only way to get a higher level of performance out of athletes is to appeal to their baser sides and foster an environment where cheating and the sociopathic side of the brain get some enjoyment.  If you are already getting paid a million for just being on the field, what is you motivation to actually perform, the adulation of the fans and their hero worship that comes with it?

Once upon a time before collective bargaining agreements athletes entertained us and we paid a fare amount to see them.  Those that did not perform were unable to come back the next season because they did not make enough to carry them through the off-season and were not able to get back on a team.  50 or so years ago, we would not have had to wonder where Brett Favre would go and if he would actually be true to his word and retire, the league would have made that decision for him.  The point I am trying to make with this is, there has always been a certain amount of “legal” cheating in sports, some of it is just very specific in type to specific sports.  Fights are encouraged in hockey, spit-balls are expected in baseball, bounties should be expected in football and any number of ingenius engineering changes should be expected in NASCAR.  It does not require Congress to regulate it, especially when there is a governing body in each of these sports already in place.

Kudos to the NFL for handling this so quickly.  F… You Congress and your incessant waste of our money and constant attempts to put your individual members in the public eye by constantly reminding us how much of our money and time you waste for us.  These are the types of things we as voter to keep note of and remember when elections come around.  In my mind this is one of those undefined responsibilities we have as American taxpayers and voter; fat won’t trim itself, you got to do something about it and work it off.

Congressional flavored Kool-Aid, once again a bitter taste being forcefully fed.  We eat their shit on a daily basis, no need to wash it down with such a crappy flavored drink.

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