Excuses, Excuses

Posted: March 26, 2012 in General, Rants
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If I woke up tomorrow and went on a spree of violence, I bet I could write the script for the media.  I may just do that in hopes that I can get some kind of royalties for helping them out and therefore fund my defense.  Of course, I will hire a lawyer who has it in for the military, is not above using the media to garner attention for me and the injustices I face, and has absolutely no clue about prosecutions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  I along with thousands of my peers have all the key points that seem to work their way into media reports and have become the de facto foundations for any crime perpetrated, especially violent, and even more especially when it involves a veteran (not limited to, they just seem to be more spectacular).  Now for the media and defense lawyer checklist:

Multiple tours in combat (53 months so far)

Numerous friends killed in action

numerous friends wounded in action

I have been told I will not deploy again (on more than 1 occasion)

I have missed numerous birthdays, anniversaries, weddings

I have extensive weapons training

I play video games

I love hard rock music

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping

I know who my neighbors are, but there is not a lot of socialization going on

One of my children is home-schooled

So, imagine, I wake up tomorrow morning and commit some kind of violent act, either at home, work or in public.  Given the few, vague facts I have listed about myself, all of which can be found with a little research or social engineering, take my prior statements and write the story of what happened to me and why I reached the point that I did.  You know what you would end up with?


Excuses to begin to build my defense, or justify in the public eye, my actions.  More than likely, if I were to make it through my part of the particular spectacle alive, rather than in some violent showdown, I would receive what the law calls “justice”.  The problem is, in no way would I be held accountable.  I would not have to take any ownership of the actions I caused and the effects it had on the world.  I would be able to perpetuate the cycle of excuses.

America as a whole is not a nation of accountability.  We are a nation of statistics.  Anyone who has ever taken a statistics course, even a rudimentary one, is very much aware about how the facts can be shifted to be seen and proven for multiple outcomes.  What may show numbers in favor of one position, can also show numbers to be favorable in the other direction.  When you are able to introduce statistics into a legal argument, you are then able to show there are multiple sides to an issues and as such, he who sells the best wins.

I am not much of a believer in spontaneous acts of mass violence.  Most cases show that at some point, from waking up in the morning to executing your personal atrocity, there is a conscious level of planning. at that point, you could have called off the outcome, changed its course and sought out the help you need to move beyond.  In other words you would be accountable for your life.  I know, I know, that is not a very popular sentiment, but it is the truth.

We lack accountability, the government endorses and enables excuses, and in some cases it has become a cycle that runs a  pattern of familial passing that no one seems to want to break.  Accountability is not just limited to violent topics.  It also is part of the cycle of being hooked on the government teat.  You have a part in getting yourself off of assistance, looking to the big GOV to pay your way out, is not the answer.

It also means, not spending outside your means.  There is no American guarantee that you should own a house.  That is a fallacy, a “home” is what you make of it and can be anywhere.  A house is something we all take a hit on when banks extend credit to you when you cannot afford it.  It also means if you take a bailout from the government you have an obligation to not only your customers, but American citizens to become beneficial to our economy.

Accountability at all levels has been supplanted with excuses.  Time to accept responsibility for actions, take advantage of programs and processes out there to get the help that is needed and also demand the same level of accountability in those around you and you invest with the authority to make decisions for you.

We spend so much on taxes each year for programs that seem to grow in size and number, yet we are constantly showing the world around us that we need to be excused for what we have done and had there been a program available for whatever specific issue I choose to cause, then it would all be alright.

Sometimes, I wake up angry, everyone does.  Instead of trying to channel my inner Travis Bickel, I have an extra cup of coffee and move on with my day.  I know, there are outlets available to me to help me if I need it.  It is my choice, if I allow myself to move to a point where I do not take advantage of what is available and instead show myself as a monster to the world.  After all, I have already provided to short, vague media BIO, and a savvy lawyer can begin working on my diminished capacity defense even before my first interview.


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