Clear The Air

Posted: April 9, 2012 in General

I just wanted to quickly try and explain the stance I have taken on a few postings I have done and just clear the air a little bit on my thought process.  I generally do not stand against the government at any level when they create or enforce laws, even if I think the law or the application thereof may be wrong.  Laws change, sometimes because they have been determined to be unconstitutional by higher courts, or simply because times change as do the attitudes towards certain things.

I may draw a little criticism for my stance on North Carolina’s Proposed State Constitution Amendment regarding same-sex marriage, but that is criticism I am willing to take.  I am a firm believer that if you are trying to change the constitution, at any level, state or federal, there needs to be a tangible reason and it should hold up to higher court scrutiny when it is challenged.  A Constitution outlines the rights of the people, and every change to it has an effect upon existing laws, how they are applied and how they have been applied in the past.  A proposal for change, when there is already statute on the subject trying to be amended, needs to be needed, and it should not be expected for repeal by the authors within years of it possibly being passed.

I like to think I can take the measure of a person and treat them accordingly, regardless of their sexual orientation, religious belief, personal history or academic achievements.  To me good is simply good.  I admire and respect people who are steadfast, can articulate their arguments and do not demean the other side in the process.  At the end of the day we are all Americans and no matter where we may reside, fall subject to the document residing in Washington, D.C., then the document that resides in the state capitals throughout the country.  We leave the decisions up to the Supreme Court as to what is an infringement of personal rights, that does not mean we should allow them to settle arguments best concluded at a more local level.

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