Numerous people in North Carolina have spoken out against the proposed amendment over the last week or so.  Governor Bev Perdue post a YouTube video against it.

The head of Duke Energy, CEO Jim Rogers, when asked at a question and answer session earlier this week:

If North Carolinians put the gay marriage ban into the state constitution, Rogers said, “You’re sending a message to the world that we’re not inclusive.”

As the day draws nearer, things are beginning to heat up ll across the spectrum in the state.  Some cities, such as Gastonia are proposing resolution to show the local voters they either are for or against it; Gastonia is pushing a resolution through the council IN FAVOR of the amendment.

Numerous churches and clergy men (and women), have come out AGAINST the resolution.  The main consensus seeming to be, that North Carolina has entered the national stage with the  proposed amendment and it would make the state exclusive rather than inclusive, thereby deterring folks from moving here, including business.  Second at hand from what I can gather reading is people just do not believe that what goes on in someones relationship is the governments business, within reason and with safety in mind.  The vague wording leaving a multitude of legal issues up for interpretation, should the amendment make it on May 8th.

Early voting has opened up in the state and will be until May 6th.  Other considerations are local and presidential primaries.  Despite the Governor primary for both parties and the Presidential Republican primary, the proposed amendment has taken center stage over anything else.

Come May 8th make North Carolina the progressive state it has the people to be, if not the institutional mindset to carry out.  Do this by voting AGAINST NC Amendment 1, Senate bill 518.


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