The Three B’s – Update

Posted: April 24, 2012 in General, Government, Political, Rants
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Well, the furor has not died down at all on the Secret Service prostitution scandal.  One additional military member has been added to the list of offenders to the moral cause.  It also seems that Congress is chomping at the bit to open one of their ever impressive investigations into the matter.  They are reigning back so far from opening formal proceedings, allegedly to give the appropriate authorities of the respective agency/service to conduct their own investigations and mete out the appropriate punishments in the matter.

How very thoughtful of our above reproach Congressional members from both houses and political parties to give the current investigations time to conclude.  After all, it is much more cost-effective to conduct the investigations with the appropriate internal affairs agencies than it will EVER be for Congress to actually do it.  Those agencies will collect the information from all locations with assets available there to come to their final decisions.  Congress on the other hand will spend millions of dollars to not only pay their staffers and the media they will need to gum up the whole exercise in futility, but they would also pay those poor Columbian sex-workers for their time in order for them to come up to DC and testify before some sort of disciplinary body.  After all there is probably some Senator or House member that needs to see what the goods look like before they plan their next junket somewhere at tax payers expense.

Congress has such a good track record at conducting their investigations into things that do not directly concern them.  Look at the sports steroid issue that has been going on forever or the outcry for justice they recently voiced over the New Orleans Saints Bountygate and how the NFL handles it.  I am sure by the time the Stanley Cup is over in the early summer they will want a referendum on concussions in hockey and how ineffective Brendan Shannahan is at handing out punishment as the NHL enforcer for fair play.  Look how well the Bill Clinton impeachment and subsequent trial went over his “alleged” dalliances with Monica Lewinski and a cigar.

As already discussed in my earlier posting about the 3B’s, there were many personal and professional lapses for all the parties involved.  The authorities who are charged with the investigation and disciplinary actions of those involved already know what they are doing and the situation will take care of itself.  All of the Congressional bluster is just that, bluster, and has more of a political gamesmanship face to it than it does of substance or true moral outrage.  Congress will shut its mouth as soon as we hear about another Conservative Senator who gets caught in an airport bathroom with a member of the same sex, a la George Michael.

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