Re-Blog From NC Amendment One Truth

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

A fine post from a fellow blogger in Charlotte. A practicing attorney and christian, the evolution of his blog follows his initial uncertainty of how to vote to an adamant NO. He provides much better legal and technical analysis of the proposed amendment than I ever could.

NC Amendment One Truth

In the last ten days, three legal “experts” from Campbell Law School parachuted in to try to save the legal day for the “For” side of this debate.

Up until recently, the “For” side’s strategy in this debate was simple.  Ride the wave of religious fever.  Ride the wave of family value conservatism.  And ride the wave of misinformation about the Amendment.

But the plan wasn’t working so well.  The numbers in favor of Amendment One have been dropping in the polls in recent weeks.

Why? Perhaps it is because North Carolinians are smarter than the “For” side thinks.

In the last month, it has become clear in letters to the editor, op-ed articles and comments to me about this blog (both oral and published) that people have started thinking critically about Amendment One.  That has been a bad sign for those on the “For” side who want to control the conversation with sound-bite messages that incite anti-gay sentiments.

So the strategy has…

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