NC Amendment 1 Debate (Video)

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Discrimination, Government, Political, Rants
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I have two videos to share, the first of which is an actual debate between the For and Against parties of the proposed amendment hosted by WTVI in Charlotte, the second is more of an informational discussion hosted by 282, a video blog style local television show hosted in Charlotte.  One of the debaters coming out on the Against side is Landis Wade, a Charlotte attorney and the author of the NC ONE TRUTH blog that I have been focusing articles on.

The actual debate is less than 30 minutes in length which I feel unfortunately is not enough time to for either side to get out as much as they would have liked to.  Kudos to the moderator for maintaining the time standards that were agreed upon for the debate.  The short duration in my opinion never lets either side get their dander up which never allows the participants to get much beyond the doctrinal objections or proponent opinions established by each side; it never develops enough traction to delve into the personal side of the issue for the debaters.

The discussion hosted by 282 has an interesting panel, one of which is a Conservative gay male who is in support of the amendment.  The Amendment 1 discussion ends at about the 17:30 mark as they move into other topics for the upcoming primary on May 8th.

What I liked about this one was the variety of position presented by the panel.  Even the one who speaks out in defense of the amendment has some reservations about how the verbiage could lead the amendment to be bad, the sole female on the panel, an African-American Christian, sees the amendment as a civil rights issue and does a good job of representing the views of the organization she represents,  the gentleman from UNC-Charlotte does an outstanding job of describing both the strategy for getting the amendment to pass as well as breaking down the poll information available on how the referendum may go.

I earlier re-blogged an posting from NC Amendment 1 Truth that was provided by a guest blogger speaking on the definitions of marriage and some of the history behind the Constitutional framework that our country is founded upon.  The article, titled: Religious Marriage, Legal Marriage and Freedom is a very interesting read.  Quite frankly, this is information we used to learn back when our education system as a whole was in much better shape and the curriculum of our schools focused on making us educated Americans.

It is a sad day in this country, and this state, that Americans can quote from their bible and misconstrue for their own, misguided intentions those same verses, yet they cannot adequately describe the founding principals of this nation.  Had the authors of the Federalist papers and other famous writings by our Founding Fathers been available by tweeting them in the 18th century perhaps this may not be the case.  It is a sad notion that in the 18th and early 19th century when education for the masses was not a guarantee, nor was it compulsory, that Americans could grasp and understand the intentions of the framers of the Constitution, yet people today cannot name who the vice-President of the United States is, recite the form of government we are founded upon or recognize we are a Secular nation of laws whose Constitutional framework is intended to protect the minority from subjugation by the majority simply because they are in position to do so.  We have already suffered through civil war, the attempted genocide caused by national expansion, and the hard fought cause of civil rights which still occasionally requires legal maneuvering (both civil and criminal) from time to time to insure enforcement of.  Our country is closing in on 250 years as a Constitutional Republic and despite the fact the known amount of information available to ANY person grows at rates unprecedented throughout history, their is an inability to separate the personal beliefs from the governance of our people and make sound decisions as Americans first independent of organizational or institutional mindsets and blind faith.

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