Coming in the Month of May

Posted: May 6, 2012 in General
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Well, May 8th, the vote for proposed NC Amendment 1 will be here this Tuesday.  We will either lead the nation in rejecting the discriminatory amendment or have to start figuring out what to do the effects of it passing.  Either way, I am going to need a new topic to run amok with.  I have decided that as often as I can post, I will dedicate the word space to leading up to Memorial Day, which is May 28th this year.  Once Memorial day has passed I will continue with some patriotic postings right up through Independence Day.  There are quite a few remembrance days that should be noted between the two major holidays.  Those of us who grew up in the 70′ and 80’s or earlier actually were taught U.S. history so some of these we will remember while others may just be coming into popularity as a day of remembrance.

I live in a military town and it has proclaimed itself a “sanctuary” for retired and former military and Fayetteville has the motto of “History, Heroes and a Hometown feeling”.  While the governance of the city may leave a bit to be desired, the chamber of commerce along with the visitors bureau does a pretty good job of getting the name out there as a place to stop along I-95; as you travel from NYC we are about the midway point to the Disney World area in Florida.  My NJ peeps that I grew up with, if you are heading down to the land of Mickey and oranges and looking for a place to stop for the night or just a meal, hit me up and I can offer you some suggestions for lodging, food or something to do.

I look forward to a change of pace from what I have been posting about and reblogging lately.  I will still push a rant from time to time, you just cannot live in this town without reading about something that gets the blood boiling from time to time, but this should be a fine change of pace.  Lets just make it to the 9th first.


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