NC Amendment 1 Wrap Up

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Discrimination, Doomsday, Rants
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Well, it looks like this one is going to go down on the side of  constitutional discrimination.  As of 10:15 pm it looks to be about a 2/3 to 1/3 vote in favor of the amendment.  There has been some allegations of fraud at the some voting areas with people being handed paper ballots without the amendment vote on it.  Basically these are intended for 17 year old voters who will turn 18 prior to November 6 of this year.  They were allowed to vote politically but not for the amendment.  It appears some of these intended minor ballots were handed out to “of age” voters.

Regardless, it has passed at this point.  From here on out it will be dealing with the consequences and the potential lawsuits against it.  The people of North Carolina have spoken, much as they did back in the days of segregation and before civil rights were the de rigeur standard for how to treat American citizens.

This topic has taken up much of my time over the last couple of months and I hope that I was able to open the eyes of at least one person.  Now that the vote is over, I will keep up on the updates as things happen, but time to move on to other topics.

As I stated earlier in the week, I am going to pack as much patriotism in for the month of May leading into Memorial Day on the 28th.  I am going to preview some of the things that are right in this state from a military perspective and generally try to convey the way I feel about this awesome day of remembrance.  It is a bit of a bittersweet holiday, the highlight being my daughters birthday almost always coincides with the holiday weekend, the low point is the number of great Americans I have had the privilege of knowing who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

A little bit of thanks to those who spread the word of the No Kool Aid Zone out there and have upped my daily numbers over the last couple of months.  In no way to I have thousands of readers, but today alone I may be able to top out at about 100, with an average of around 50 per day.

Lets swallow this unsweetened cup of piss flavored KoolAid and hope that one day, regardless of your personal opinions, ALL Americans will be able to have the same level of recognition and rights.

I look forward to bringing forth some stories of sacrifice that show what it means to be American.

  1. Susan Miller says:

    A revered American document states:

    ” all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

    Fast forward to 2012 and still in North Carolina today, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is for the selected few. I am quite frankly angry and disgusted that this type of discrimination will continue against my fellow mankind. History will judge North Carolina harshly for the passing of Amendment 1.


    • I agree Susan, it is a bitter pill to swallow and it is a hard to understand outcome. I guess, despite my truly cynical nature, I held out a little hope that America and North Carolinians in general had evolved enough to defeat the measure. The numbers have spoken however, as truly disappointing as that is. It will be hard to look at a crowd and now that 66% of them are in favor of exclusionism an ignorance.

      Thank you for following my blog. I hope you continue to come back from time to time and pass us along.



  2. Susan Miller says:


    The more issues are talked about the more galvanized the American people are the more they are educated. It was obvious by the voting data that the rural, less educated people are still the majority in this state.

    I am now on the “Repeal Amendment One Bandwagon”. Although i feat it is harder to repeal than to pass.

    Will visit from time to time to see what your thoughts are.

    Happy Birthday to your Daughter. Keep up the good works!


    • That is a very wise statement Susan. Education is the key and unfortunately the rural patch is the majority. I look forward to seeing the bandwagon turn into a wagon train and lending my voice to it whenever possible. It will be harder to repeal, but I think the rest of the country is looking at us in a very negative light and that is going to make a repeal oh, so interesting.

      I look forward to your comments in the future. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes for my daughter.


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