A Shout Out to the Most Important People in a Soldiers Life

Posted: May 13, 2012 in General
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There is no greater feeling in the world when you are sitting in some desolate hole than knowing you do not have to worry about anything that is going on back home.  The sole focus of your concentration can be on your mission, your safety, and the safety of those around you.  It is what helps us when we are down range to make it back safely.  Even if you are not married with children, the mother is still the stabilizing force who sits back home, scared to death for her child, going about their day pretending nothing is wrong, all the while hoping and praying that nothing bad happens to the little boy or girl; lets face it when it comes to having your child deploy to combat, no mother will ever be able to see the man or woman their child has become, it will always be that little boy or girl that used to run around playing cowboys and indians, or with their Barbies, learning to ride a bike, the first broken heart, every facet of your life.

The life of a military spouse/mother is not an easy one.  There is the constant stress of the deployment, are we safe, what to do in the event something goes wrong with the house or kids or car, what if there is a pay problem, where is the will, or the power of attorney; all the things we take for granted on a daily basis are now magnified and pushed right out front as soon as we are on our way out the door.

Too many times in the last decade there has been a knock at the door.  When the door is opened you are greeted by at least two men standing in dress uniform and they are their to tell you your husband, or child has been wounded or killed in action.  There is no wife or mother who does not dread the knock on the door.  Each and every time the 24 hour news cycle is interrupted from the constant loop of drudgery to tell you something drastic has happened in a foreign land, a land that your loved one may be in, the stress of hearing the phone ring or a dinner interrupted by a knock at the door is amplified to the point of sheer pain.  This is not merely a possibility, it has played out thousands of times through the years, no words could ever adequately describe that moment in time.

Us soldiers have it sort of easy when we go into harms way.  We have to worry about ourselves and those we work with.  We have this force of nature sitting back home.  We may be faced with moments of time, however long they may be, that put stresses upon us we hope we can deal with effectively.  The wonderful women who birthed us or married us and provided our children to us, have to live with the unknown on a daily basis, each and every day.  No matter how safe we tell them we are or how boring things are, they will never believe us.  They cannot, by nature, relieve themselves of the burden they carry, the worry they never let stop them, the sincerest hope and desire they will never have to know the loss that so many others have had to feel.

For all the mothers out there, the mothers who birthed us, the women who gave us our children, and the women who stepped up to fill the void in a child’s life when they desperately needed one; a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU!

If you see this flag flying on a house or a bumper sticker of it on a car know that this wife/mother has someone deployed in harms way:

If you see this one, please be aware that they have felt the pain of having the people in dress uniform knock on their door along with the loss of their child or father of their children.

Visit Gold Star Wives of America for further information or to make a donation.

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