It should be a no-brainer

Posted: May 26, 2012 in General, Government, Military

I guess I just never realized this, which is part of the reason why I bring it up in the first place.  There is no Desert Storm Veterans Memorial.  I guess what perplexes me is, how did I not know this until  I saw a FB Friend’s post (A Desert Storm Vet and proud Marine) about the lack of memorial, at the federal level anyhow.  I am sure, just like many cities across the nation and with in the individual services, there are numerous memorials to the fallen from that war.  The individual services should be able to maintain them and honor the dead and provide a place for family members to visit in later years.

This whole conundrum got me to thinking about war memorials in general and how much lobbying needs to go on in order for a National level monument, which memorializes the sacrifices of our troops, in the individual conflicts in which they died, to be commissioned, built and maintained.  In my opinion, as soon as the ass-hats whom we elect decide that they need the physical assistance of our military might to resolve some issue in a foreign land, they should include a plot of land on which to build a monument which commemorates the achievements and sacrifices.  After all, if not for brave Americans with the capacity to defend and ever-increasing prowess on the battlefield, their would be no Congress or President to order us in to harms way in the first place.

This is just a little something to think about and now will conclude this particular rant.  However, if you should ever find yourself registering a complaint with your congress-person in the future, take a second to find out why there is not a national monument for each and every conflict in which we have been sent to.  If you see a petition to lobby for one, know you can sign your name in good faith, that you are trying to recognize the actions and sacrifices of service members throughout history and providing a place of reflection for the family members whose loved ones paid the ultimate price.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. scintillatebrightly says:

    good question. never once thought about it until you wrote this article. Do you think there will be one for the Afhan/Iraq conflicts?


    • I am not sure, probably not without some sort of advocacy by outside groups. As much support as we have had from the beginning in terms of the country backing us and an international coalition, it is really as unpopular as VietNam was. The fortunate thing for my generation of warrior is that the public has learned it is not the fault of the military that we are where we are, it is at a higher level, so we do not feel as strong of a negative public sentiment as those in the past may have.


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