There are numerous charities and organizations out there that claim to help the veterans and their families.  Unfortunately, there are many of them that are not all they claim to be.  They are shady in a variety of ways, some do not provide any services once the money has been collected, some “executives” receive an exorbitant portion of donations as salary and operating costs, and others just want to scam away and take advantage of the emotional turmoil the families of veterans are experiencing.

When I come across some legitimate and well respected organizations, I tend to look at their federal or D.O.D. endorsements and standings, their percentage of donations used for services as opposed to salary and operating costs (all charitable organizations MUST provide this information) and what are they attempting to achieve and what is their success rate at doing so.

The first charity I would like to present is Honor Flight Network, be careful if you wish to donate and use the provided link, there are two other charities out there who do good work, but charge for the services while Honor Flight Network uses nothing but donations.  I will let the video describe this one for me.

Next up is the Armed Forces Retirement Home.  Each month for the majority of my career, there comes out of my monthly pay a small donation to this organization.  Most soldiers do not even know what the acronym AFRH stands for and the donation is really small at around a dollar or less.  This organization is a federal program with homes in Washington D.C. and a new home in Gulfport, Mississippi.  This organization provides a retirement community and medical services, in house, specifically for veterans.

On each base, where space is available, there is a home that is called The Fisher House.  Fisher house provides a location for family members of critically wounded service members to stay during their recovery.  They will also help find long term lodging should the need arrive.  While intended to be a short-term solution, many, many survivors of casualties have adopted Fisher House as their own personal providers, returning the kindness showed to them in their time of need through donations and time.  Passing forward the assistance they received in an effort to both help them through the grieving process and aid the next unfortunate family faced with the reality of war and the casualties it produces.

Click image to visit The Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project provides assistance and aid to our wounded warriors and their families.  Please visit the site and read about all the work they do for our thousands of wounded warriors.  This organization has lent a hand to more of my friends than I can count.  One of the most worthwhile charities that you could send a monetary donation to or even volunteer your time.  If you have a company or organization that can sponsor something for wounded warriors then they can help facilitate that as well.  Many of today’s warriors, even and especially those who have lost a part of themselves of the battlefield, want to return to the things they did before their loss.  This organization helps them achieve those goals.

Click image to visit Special Operations Warrior Foundation

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides fully funded college scholarships for the dependent survivors of Special Operations Forces from all the services.  Started in the shadow of the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran in 1980, it initially provided scholarships for the family members of the nine people killed in the attempted rescue.  It has since grown in scope and size, providing for the educational needs of the children of warriors who work in the shadows.

There are numerous other organizations that help provide for veterans, their families and lobby for the rights and benefits that we receive.  These ones listed here are just a small sample and some of the most effective ones that I am aware of and consisting of some of the most dedicated and selfless volunteers anywhere.

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