Coming in the Month of June

Posted: May 31, 2012 in General

Well, it looks as if my readership numbers have gone down since the whole NC Amendment One controversy has moved past its referendum date.  It seems as if my more controversial ramblings have a bit more appeal than do my more straight forward items.  Thanks however to all you good folks out there that took the time to read up on my Memorial Day and remembrance articles.

So sometime tomorrow, or by early weekend at the very latest I am going to start a rant on John Edwards and other poor leaders, and what I think is wrong with them.  I have a few feelings about student loans and the state of the educational system in general, DOMA and a few other things that have been annoying me lately.  One other thing I am looking at that has gotten a bit under my skin lately is people who live up to an tend to perpetuate the stereotypes.  This one has hit me from numerous directions lately, some quite obvious others not so much.

Sometimes it takes me a little bit to write up a topic, especially if there is any kind of tie to the military, military policy or anything related.  I have to maintain and write from a stance so as not to represent my opinion as that of the DoD or any of the services.  That is one of the reasons I never ramble on about anything from work directly; got to maintain the professionalism especially when I recently flamed a former Marine for his postings about the President on Facebook and his subsequent discharge.

We are swiftly approaching our 100th posting and 2500th visit.  I know, I know not so impressive when you look at it and the fact the Zone has been up and running for 7 months now, but, considering how little time I actually have to vent in the written word and promote the site beyond FaceBook, then it is not so bad.

So, any topics you want to see me vent about let me know and I will see what I can do.  In the meantime please pass the site along to your friends and add your comments to my postings, especially if we can have a spirited,yet civil, difference of opinion about it.  If you come across any Darwin Award worthy article from your local areas, shoot them my way so I can try and provide a little comic relief in the process.

Help me make June an interesting month and get my numbers up!


  1. Storm M. Silvermane says:

    I am looking forward to your post on DOMA. What are your thoughts on the ruling?


    • I am going to hit this topic up a little further in a while, but while I think the ruling is definitely a step in the right direction, it feels to me a little bit of a hollow victory. Until the Supreme Court actually weighs in and gives its opinion of what is and what is not Constitutional, all the lower court opinions are only as good as long as the next court does not reverse it. USSC will need to weigh in on this in the very near future because until they do and define the standards of equality any state that brings its own laws, whether for or against the LGBT community, there will be a constant, long-term struggle that will just further inflame the issues. I do not even think a Congressional appeal of the act will be worthwhile unless the USSC ca set the unwavering standard as to what equality really means.


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