Finally, Some Bipartisan Cooperation In DC

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Government
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Okay, in all reality this one is going to be quite sarcastic.  The bipartisan cooperation I speak of is between Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Harry Reid.  In their latest cooperative attempt to help grow the economy by further increasing the size of the government (read this as even more misappropriation of our tax dollars), they have decided to push forth legislation to

create a special boxing commission to oversee all matches in the United States and restore integrity to the sport.

The potential legislation is in response to the Bradley-Pacquiao fight in which Bradley was able to overcome the long-running unbeaten streak of Manny Pacquiao on an ill-scored split decision.  While I am not really a fan of the sweet science, I prefer MMA action to just knocking the crap out of each other on your feet for so many rounds, I can appreciate the effort and amount of themselves that the athletes put into their art.  Each state has a boxing or sports commission that has control over each and every bout that happens in it.  Some states are a little more lose on their interpretations of things, like medical conditions, licensing requirements, but there are guidelines.  In some scheduled fights, they have even moved the venue due to the state not sanctioning the event or one of the fighters not being able to get licensed in the state.

So, in another case of big-government oversight, the powers that be think it is up to the big Fed to oversee each and every bout in the country in order to “restore that integrity” that was lost because a couple of judges maybe had one too many or were distracted by the ring girls causing Manny to lose his unbeaten streak.  I did not see the fight, but it seems pretty unanimous, with the exception of the official judges, that Pacquiao really should have won the decision.

The fed has wasted countless millions of tax payer dollars, not to mention time that could have been better invested in, um I don’t know, the economy or job programs, on things as trivial as sports oversight.  The steroid scandals in baseball, the bounty program in the NFL, and now lets fix boxing at the federal level, because only we can make it right as it should be.  Kind of like how they have made the term America so well regarded throughout the rest of the world.  Kind of amazing that people who cannot settle on a cohesive health care plan, solidify a budget that does not increase by the trillion each year, put people in jobs instead of paying them to stay on their ass, can through the act of bipartisan cooperation manage to fix all that is wrong with professional sports.  If they can’t then they will waste millions of dollars and Justice Department time by trying to put your ass in jail.  Congratulations Roger Clemens, I am glad you beat the man.

I am not a huge sports fan other than Hockey. I do watch different sports from time to time, I like to go to different games live, at all levels of play, and I play soccer a couple times per week.  My personal opinion is, if the government wants to do something to save professional sports then take a look at how much the tickets cost and other associated game costs are.  I have a family of four and it takes major planning to be able to go to a professional sports outing.  I can actually take the family to an all day music festival, with travel and accommodations for much less than it costs to go to a football game.  Even my Hurricanes have never been graced with the family behind the glass because it costs entirely too much.

I understand the need for rules in sports.  Each sport has its own august body to control what goes on within the sport.  There are issues from time to time, but they seem to try and police themselves.  I personally, watch sports to see something amazing happen, it seldom does.  That does not mean that I do not enjoy what I just watched, but in my opinion part of watching a competition is waiting to see that amazing thing happen and seeing people put their all into getting there.  What sports does not need is government intervention.  If our elected officials could put as much effort into actually solving a problem with the country instead of what upsets their Sunday afternoon fun, we might make a little progress in this country.


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