An Opportunity from a Tragedy to Demonstrate You are a Leader

Posted: July 20, 2012 in General
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The shooting tragedy in Colorado this morning offers an opportunity for our current and proposed leaders to step up and demonstrate they are indeed, leaders.  The unfortunate by-product of this is that if they do step forward and show their leadership prowess, it will be used as fodder for the campaigns, rather than an act of kindness requiring no additional sacrifice on the part of the victims.

At this point in the post there has been 12 confirmed fatalities and over 50 KNOWN wounded.  Due to the mass effects of this event, there could be some people who have not made it to hospitals to receive care yet.  This is only referencing the physically wounded however.  There are countless numbers of people who will suffering the effects of this tragedy on many different levels; spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically for years to come.  The theatre was packed for the grand opening of the Dark Knight.

One of the future leaders of the country has already publicly stated that he and his wife are praying for the victims of this attack.  I personally feel that is an inconceivably unsatisfactory contribution to what is needed in this and any other case of such magnitude.  Pray for these poor folks if that is what you want to do, but your contributions should not stop there, especially if you consider yourself the next leader of the free world.  You, Mr. Romney are spending millions of dollars every single day, both countering your opponents critiques of your qualifications and expressing in no uncertain terms what qualifies you to be the next President of our country.  Perhaps those dollars and words can be used in a more beneficial, less selfish manner.  Each and every person who was in that theatre is going to need help on a multitude of levels, not to mention the effects this will have on the First Responders.

There is an opportunity for both sides to come together in this tragedy and show that they both have demonstrable leadership skills and cross the divisive politics of the two parties.  They can achieve a tangible result by insuring those victims, even those yet to be identified and their families want for nothing in the recovery phase of this event.  They should also be able to feel safe as the investigation and subsequent trial process happens.  This is not a one-off helping hand, they will need it for the foreseeable future and beyond.  There is enough personal money between the parties that this should not become a tax-payer issue either.  If they truly are leaders and do indeed have the concern for fellow Americans that they portend to do, then this can all be started from a personal investment.

This is a situation in which the victims should have no cost thrust upon them.  Regardless of their religious views, sexuality, color, race, creed or personal situation, they should be able to receive the help they need.  Unfortunately, if anyone does step up in my altruistic scenario there more than likely will be a cost for these people.  They will be used as campaign fodder demonstrating how great the candidate is, as well as the opposite side of the equation from the opposing party.  There will be strings of helping hands as well.  There will be many allegedly “charitable” organizations formed to “help” these people but there will be qualifications placed upon receiving their charity.  Terms will be placed upon the individual based upon their beliefs and lifestyles rather than their situation.

I am sure each campaign is working a strategy right now as to how best capitalize off of this tragedy.  If these guys are truly the leaders they portend to be, they will do what is needed regardless of the positive press they receive for it.  I in no way make light of this tragedy, but out of tragedy should come unity.  Unity that should be there prior to a tragedy.  Real leaders step up in times of tragedy, not to benefit themselves or to derive popularity from it, but simply because leadership in its purest form is an undeniable calling that you cannot ignore, that you cannot help but to express and that you should derive no benefit from.  True leadership is humble, it is demonstrable and it is memorable, not only for the effects during the tragedy but as a long term measurement of personal character.

Again, pray for these folks if that is what you feel you need to do.  While you are doing that think about what has happened, how you can contribute and what you can do in future tragedies.  What you actually do has the most tangible result and it does not always make you feel good, but charity is not supposed to make you feel good, it is about the other guy.

  1. John Nichols says:

    I have to agree with your points, but I am afraid that both sides of the political spectrum with finger point and blame each other for the deeds of this psychopath. I would hope that the victims and their families get a lot more help then getting “prayed” for.


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