Making a Point – Think Before You Speak Revisited

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Law Enforcement
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There was an incident in New york City this week involving a shooter and his subsequent death at the hands of veteran police officers.  My intent is to not analyze or criticize the actions of the police officers, on the contrary, I want to use it to prove a point that I brought out last month in Think Before You Speak.  During the Aurora, Colorado shooting last month there was a backlash of loudmouths who expressed their opinion that had people been carrying guns in the theatre the shooter would not have had the effect that he did.  In fact most of the loudest expressed that he would not have shot anyone had they been there and allowed to carry their firearms.  Again, I say bullshit.

Before I go any further take a read at some of the latest information coming out.

Now keep in mind, this is two trained, veteran officers of one of the most proficient police forces in the world.  A force that has exceptional standards and has trained its officers to react appropriately in situations just like this. So a few facts in this case:

16 rounds fired by the police officers (9 from one, 7 from the other)
3 rounds reported hitting the suspect

9 bystanders hit by shrapnel or directly by bullets

So, these veteran, well-trained police officers were not able to put all their rounds in the target.  The target was standing, in the open, full daylight.  Now turn this around to that night in Colorado, it was movie theatre black, smoke grenades had been thrown in and the shooter was in the front unleashing his evil.  Now all the loudmouths out there say they could have taken him out, I repeat, bullshit.

I know each and every situation is unique, no matter what your level of weapons training.  Bad things can happen in a firefight, they usually do.  There is a reason why elite military units and law enforcement special weapons teams use extreme violence and train as thoroughly and as disciplined as they do.  It gives them the advantage and allows them to command the situation, it provides dominance over the untrained.  The casual shooter or gun enthusiast does not have the level of training and dispassion required to act in those situations.  They may be able to overcome a burglar or someone wishing to do them home when confronted face to face, but a situation like Colorado is a different beast.

Those cops in NYC kept many more people from being killed thanks to their actions.  I realize there were casualties associated with those actions, but they were not done because they were careless.  They happened in a blink of the eye and as a result of the heat of battle.  Those officers are going to deal with their psychological situation for some time to come.  There will probably be some additional civil fallout, that I would hope the City would shield them from.

There is a fine line between training and acting.  There are times that no matter what the amount of training that something bad can happen.  Putting a bullet in someone, when you can look at them is not something we, as humans, are inclined to do.  Training, repetitive and constant helps to overcome that, but the average civilian or crazy ass, loudmouth militiaman does not have it.  Sociopaths and psychos are a different story, they do not have the limits that most of society does.  So, next time something horrible happens, it will just a matter of where and when, do not open your mouth and spout your ill-advised Second Amendment crap, think more about what you can do to limit something happening to you or your family.  Develop a sense of what is around you and seek some guidance on what should be done when a tragedy happens in a public forum.  I bring things up to my family all the time when we are out and about.  I do not address it as a paranoid person, but I disguise it as someone who likes to know what the options are given the environment I am in.  The best thing sometimes is to simply take yourself out of the way and be as observant as possible.  As a last resort or if the opportunity is survivable, act, but think about what the consequences are to those around should you fail.

I am an advocate for the Second Amendment.  I am also an advocate for gun control.  I do not believe they are exclusive of each other.  Targets are paper, people are not.  Targets do not shoot back, people do.

  1. Well said. I like the points you make and agree.


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