That Day, Since and Beyond

Posted: September 11, 2012 in General
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We sat sound in our way
Our lives, they changed on, that fateful day
Symbols of our way of life
Turned to symbols of future strife
Fated heroes rushed to all
Their code required they heed the call
Never faltered, never swayed
In faithful service, their lives they paid
A terrible price those lives they cost
Because the line, those cowards, they crossed
United in our grief, the die was cast
Our resolve, till the end will last

To the enemy we took our fight
In light of day and dark of night
In caves and mountains they made their stand
But our resolve is our brand
The battle goes on, despite the gain
Freedom is not free, nor without pain
Many have heard and answered the call
Too many lives on battlefield fall

Since that day no time to heel
A day of terror generations will feel
A cowardly act affects our lives
Father, mother, children, husbands, and wives
For some are scars hidden deep
Many others dread their sleep
Smoke and dust, the crashing sound
The sound of battle, round after round
United we stand, divided we fall
Those few, those few who hear the call
To keep from fear and horror and brutality and strife
For our people willing to give life

Never forget what happened that day
Remember where you were and the high price paid
Sacrifice goes on and on
So never stop singing our freedom’s song

It is our responsibility to pass on our history, it should be unadulterated and true.  Our children and future generations never need see the horror we did on 9/11/2001 in their lifetimes and they need not learn our lessons.  History does not have to repeat itself, but only if it is given the chance to be learned as it happened.


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