Yet Another Disgusting Display

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Military
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I hate to even write about the disgusting people, who call themselves godly, from the Westboro Baptist Church.  This is not the first time I have written about them, and it surely will not be the last.  Each and every time that I hear about them going to picket the funeral services of a fallen warrior I do my best to spread the word out and hope that as many people as possible will follow the fine example of the thousands of proud Americans at other funerals have done; stand together in a human wall and show the families of the deceased that their son, daughter, husband, wife, brother or sister that their sacrifice is appreciated and that there is one last guard to stand between them and the evil that this so-called church spews.  It may be their “right” as guaranteed by the Constitution that these fallen warriors chose to defend, but it is the right of every citizen to gather in protest to such an abuse.

No matter when they decide to spread forth their hatred, it sickens me.  It is more so when it happens local to my long time home of Fort Bragg.  There have been four Fort Bragg soldiers killed in action since the 30th of September.  There were also three members of the North Carolina National Guard killed on the 1st when someone decided to martyr themselves and take a few others with them.  SSG Donna Johnson of Raeford, NC was one of those unfortunate victims.  It is her funeral that WBC intends to picket.

I have been at Fort Bragg for a long, long time.  One thing I am very sure of, rain or shine, or any other dramatic weather, there will be a wall of humans, standing shoulder to shoulder, most of them with American flags proudly waving.  They will stand facing whichever way the hearse carrying SSG Johnson is coming from, between the WBC and the family.  When the time comes, they will turn their backs on the WBC if not already doing so and pay their respects to the fallen.

For many that show up, it will be their first military funeral.  As they go through the well-scripted protocols, end with the rifle salute and Taps, many will have tears in their eyes; most will jump noticeably with each volley from the weapons.  All will stand in silent respect as the flag is removed from the coffin, folded with precision and presented to the family recipient with the thanks of a grateful nation and one final salute.  Some of those first timers will not attend another military funeral, many more will unfortunately become veterans at the process.  All will walk away somber in mood, yet proud of the fact that they stood side-by-side with many people they did not know, to show a final respect to the family and remains of SSG Johnson.

All of those who have died in combat have done so to keep evil from extremism from ever reaching our shores again.  The unfortunate reality is, there is a Constitutionally protected, virulent form of evil sitting virtually untouchable right here in our own country and it rears its ugly head at the funerals of those fallen warriors.  It is a small price to pay to go out and protect those, in their final moments, who gave all they had to protect you.  They deserve it.

SSG Johnson’s service will potentially be held this Saturday, the 13th of October.  I have not been able to find a firm date as of yet, probably as a means to obfuscate the date/time from WBC.  According to their website it will be this Saturday at 10:15 at Raeford Presbyterian Church.  I will post more information as I find out in regards to the services.

I have intentionally not mentioned much about these turds.  They do not deserve the press.  I do feel however, that I should show you what passes as an obituary for SSG Johnson from WBC.  If that particular piece of hate and filth does not turn your stomach and make you want to stand guard for the family, then I feel sorry for you.

I am told SSG Johnson was a member of the local LGBT community and for the last year that has absolutely been her right as a soldier.  DADT was repealed last September, but none of that matters.  It never has.  She died doing her duty and answering what called to her.  That is what matters, to me that is all that has ever mattered and the evil Phelps family has no right to mar that.  I urge you to spread the word about this and make plans to stand side-by-side with other Americans, of each and every flavor there is out there, put aside your personal beliefs and honor the fallen.

I also urge you to take a look at the Freedom Remembered web and Facebook pages to see the faces of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

From Freedom Remembered




K.I.A. 01 October, 2012 Khost, Afghanistan

Rest In Peace

  1. Storm M. Silvermane says:

    Angel and I will be there.


  2. thank you for sharing this! I cannot believe people in their ignorance hurting others in time of sorrow and grief, and call themselves a church, oh brother.


  3. Wow that WBC post was the most hateful little thing I’ve seen in a while. With their cheesy melodramatic print and language, I thought it was fake for a minute. I swear, where do these people come from? What kind of water are they drinking?


  4. […] friend of mine (No Koolaid Zone ) wrote about this as well. He is a solider in the US Army, a man I respect and he talks about how […]


  5. Thank you all for your replies and for those who have passed it on. The only way to beat these “people” is to use the same tactics they do and stand between them and the bereaved. It is a shame they can spew this hate, but this is an opportunity to stand as Americans and show them that despite the differences in all of us, at every level, it is the diversity that makes us great.

    I hope to see every facet of what it means to be an American standing side-by-side in an impenetrable wall built on the differences that make us all who we are. If the opportunity presents itself, to turn our backside their way in a show of what we think of them.


  6. geriweaver says:
    Please use the link for information about the community effort to form a ‘Human Wall’ in support of SGT Johnson.


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