Children are a Blank Slate

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Rants, Uncategorized
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Okay, this was originally going to be a completely different post, but I have been seeing something that alarms me a lot lately.  This morning was especially disturbing while watching the news.  BTW, I am going to be writing a post about a great organization called Wreaths Across America over the next couple of days, but I need to get this one off my chest first.

So what has me all razzed up?  Watching the news this morning there was a Romney rally featured (in all fairness it could have been an Obama rally, they are not exempt from what is irking me by a long shot).  There was a family being interviewed and mom and dad all decked out in Romney red and standing right next to them were there two little boys.  Dad was crying and preaching forth the virtues of Romney winning the election and those two little boys were just staring up at him with their eyes wide and proud of dad (another note, I do not have anything against those boys being proud of dad, on the contrary I think there is not enough of that going around).  So what in this angelic little scene has my ass, along with the thousand other scenes like this I have seen becoming more and more prevalent during elections.  It is the fact that children are following directly in the footsteps of their parents when it comes to world views and politics.

Part of the problem I see in America, it is just my opinion mind you, is blind allegiance to someone or something simply because that is all you know.  Free-will only goes so far, and it is especially true in America, despite the fact that we preach otherwise.  Politics, religion, social issues, children grow up hearing their parents views on these things.  Often times, especially around an election cycle they not only hear their parents views from listening in, they actually get the indoctrination of the views as well.  When your hero(es) are giving you the good news and telling you how to think, pretty soon that is the only way you know to think.  Our children are indeed the future, but they have our screwed up perspectives to live with.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, as long as you do it our way and with our way of thinking.  I mean after all that is how we do it, as did our parents before, and so on…  I look at some of these political commercials and adds and hear the rants of supposed educated adults and wonder just how much disservice we do to our children.  We indoctrinate them (yes, second time I have used that term) into our way of thinking.  Sometimes they rebel, often to their own detriment, but life should be about learning and making mistakes.  Sometimes, we as parents are wrong and kids figure it out their own way and do so successfully.  How do they do this, they figure out what their own measure of success is, that is how.

There are places around the world that start kids early on in life learning in the same way the parents did when they were children.  Day in and day out, children learn by methods that have been used for centuries.  In some places this way of learning has been perverted to the extreme and we see the results play out daily on the news.  Now we are looking at in this country registering kids to vote long before they are even of age to do so.  Lets get those young Republicans and Democrats all signed up and keep the divisiveness that has been ruining this country for decades rolling right along.  It is bad enough that civics is only recently being reintroduced in curriculum again after a couple generations of absence.  I can only hope in that regard that it is being taught with neutrality and free-thought in mind rather than the prevailing mindset of the local school board or even the teacher.

So, before I go off on a tangent, or even further off.  Teach your kids to think.  Expose them to your views, but allow them to seek out their own.  We all think as parents that is what we do, but maybe, just maybe, if you take a good look at your kids and see them walking right in your footsteps, that maybe it is because the only path they see is the one you laid out for them.  That same path may have a couple generations of people who strolled down it to make it so prevalent.  If you look at your kids and see a mirror image, question them and make them think about their answers.  Do it often, they deserve it, because if they have been walking blindly maybe their eyes will open just a little. I do it to my teenager now when we talk on the phone and I never tell him he is wrong, but if I hear something that sounds like he is simply regurgitating a viewpoint or what I want to hear, I keep questioning him.  I don’t really expect and answer, but I do expect to hear the wheels turning.



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