UPDATE: A composite photo of the four victims of the terrible tragedy of the accident in Midland.

Associated Press/Courtesy Show Of Support – This combination of undated family photos provided by the Show of Support, Hunt for Heroes committee show, from left: Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37; Sgt. Maj. Lawrence Boivin, 47; Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, 34, and Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers, 43, four veterans killed when a parade float they were riding on was struck by a freight train at a crossing Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, in Midland, Texas. (AP Photo/Courtesy Show Of Support)

There are numerous flavors of unpalatable Kool-Aid in circulation when it comes to our current state of affairs as a nation.  Before I do my best to address them, I want to list four names.  Please remember these names as you read on, because their sacrifices are just a small part of what makes this country great and gives us, as citizens, the right to make up a flavor of Kool-Aid and let it run viral to all the social networking ass-hats out there who are too willing to be lemmings and follow the crowd off the cliff rather than think for themselves and research something beyond Google and Wikipedia.

Army SGT Joshua Michael

Marine Warrant Officer 3 Gary Stoufer

Army SGM William Lubbers

Army SGM (Retired) Lawrence Boivin

The significance of these four gentlemen, these warriors, will be lost on most.  The unfortunate reason for me delivering these  names to you is that they were killed in a tragic accident this Thursday.  These men and members of their family were taking part in a parade in Midland, Texas and were riding on a parade that was struck by a train.  The parade was part of a kick-off for a banquet and hunting trip (subsequently cancelled) specifically for wounded warriors.  Many of the people riding on the float were in wheel chairs.  It is known that Michael and Boivin specifically pushed their wives to safety prior to being struck by the train.  They were simply two who at the end of their lives again placed themselves in harms way to save all that they loved.  Another 17 people received various states of injury with one still in critical condition at this time.

My condolences go out to these families, especially the Boivin’s.  He was a former co-worker.  Chances are really good that he would not even remember me personally, but I remember him.  Prior to us working together he was one of the first soldiers I ever met that showed me what being an American soldier was all about.  He was involved in a battle that would result in injuries to him and would he and his two other party members receiving some pretty significant awards for bravery and gallantry during the early days of Fallujah in 2004.  They were directly responsible for aiding a group of Marines they had been advising and insuring they were able to get back to safety despite a significant amount of injuries to the platoon.  Larry and the other two exemplified what it means to sacrifice, placing themselves in harms way too many times to count, all this despite receiving wounds to themselves.  Do a Google search and you can find his first-hand account of the incident.  I was surprised to find out his passing yesterday, but I was in no way surprised to find out that he died a hero, saving his wife’s life in the process.

Keep these prior comments in mind as I proceed, this is where I start to get a little testy.

It would take someone who has completely isolated themselves for the last 20 years to not realize we have some significant issues in this country of ours.  Depending on who you listen to we having varying degrees of economic disaster, the northeast of the country, including my native state of New Jersey, were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, Republicans and Democrats are so far apart on leading this country that they have no clue as to how the people they are sworn to represent actually feel, and the people of this country, at least the most vocal ones, are so willing to believe what they are being told that they will blindly sign petitions requesting secession from our republic.  Our president has been re-elected by an overwhelming majority and still people think that it is wrong despite the fact that by doing so, the majority of the people have spoken.

My personal belief is that we are in a constitutional crisis because so many people are claiming violations of it without actually knowing anything about it, the history, the intent and what it really is.  Ask most Americans what kind of country we have and they would say a Democracy.  They would be wrong and they would not even know why.  The fact of the matter is we are a Constitutional Republic that uses the democratic process as a means of electing our officials.

Now please scroll back up to the top for a second and read the names listed again before reading on.

The thing that bother me the most about our current state of affairs is the secession issue.  Not because I actually think it will happen, we already had our not so civil war and it would take a hell of a lot more than a bunch of signatures to get states to actually opt-out of our country.  It is not even the fact that there are petitions from all 50 states out there right now.  In some way I take that as a good sign, the people are dissatisfied and this is one way of guaranteeing the constitutional right to protest, a right they would not have if not for the efforts and sacrifices of the four warriors listed above and all those who came before them.  Keep that in mind, Texas, Louisiana,  Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee (those with the largest numbers of signatures on their respective petitions).  The saddest part of the whole secession issue to me is not the fact that people are upset, but that they are so upset that they would even consider signing a document like that when they could better put their efforts into actually changing the nation and its leaders rather than trying to change the entire fabric of the republic.

The people of the nation have an opportunity each and every day to change it, to change it within the framework of the constitution.  Something they will not be able to do if they suddenly decide to drop out of the country.  Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat, there are supposed leaders out there who each and every day spread their ill-conceived notions to the people of our country through the media and social media.  They have invested themselves and made significant financial gains on the backs of the people who follow them so blindly, all while spreading their vitriolic wisdom, but never actually stepping into the breach and becoming part of the solution rather than a significant part of the problem.  The pundits rely upon the ignorance of their audience as a means of delivering their own brand of information, information that has a grounding in fact, yet lends itself more to their own objectives rather than truth for truths sake.  I mean after all, no one actually researches the truth anymore.

Politicians are just as bad as the people they represent.  One thing these petitions should be telling them is the people are fed up.  Even if they are not delivered with clarity and specificity, the words of the people should be interpreted by those we elect, not as a sign that the paths they have chosen are correct, but rather they just might be doing something wrong and that it is time for a change.  The real problem with politicians is not that they are not listening to the words of the people, but rather they are responding to the policies and partisanship of their respective parties, and unfortunately there are only two parties of note in this country.  They determine the laws of this nation based upon the sacrifices of heroes and warriors and have removed themselves from service and turned their positions into careerhood based on the ignorance of the people they were elected to represent.

How this country moves forward can either be left in the hands of the politicians or it can be in the hands of the electorate, that right is guaranteed by the sacrifices of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.  If it remains in the hands of the politicos, how much longer can we go on the way we have been.  If the people choose to take reins, they must do so in such a way that they proceed from a position of education and real understanding of the Constitution, not from from an impassioned position based upon ignorance born through frustration.  Our Constitution is a living document, meant to guide us and adapt for the times, that is the beauty and weakness of the document.  As long as the people it is supposed to protect are willing to take at face value the word of those they elect and never embrace free thought and self-actualization, it will always be a source from which those who sit in seats of power, those we elect and the people behind them who guide policy for their own interests.

As we move forward as a country we need to remember the sacrifices of our warriors and their families.  They did not make those sacrifices blindly and as a matter of policy.  The sacrifices they made, on the battlefield, within their families, and on the back of a trailer in a parade with a train barreling down on them, were done so for what they loved.  Before you complain about the president or a law or a perceived injustice, know what you complain about and why, become educated on it and speak not just about it, but offer means in which it can be changed.  Otherwise you are just bitching.  Take a moment to think about those who have sacrificed and their families who still feel the pain of that sacrifice, without them and that pain, you would not have the rights  you think you do, you would not be able to use the word entitlement for something you have not actually earned and you would not have the opportunity for equality.  As a document the Constitution guarantees that you have rights and that each and every citizens has the same opportunity as the other, it does not mean equal in things all, it means the same access to the opportunities.  This is guaranteed because of people who have given their lives or live with the result of what it takes to maintain those freedoms, remember that before you bitch and demand.

  1. tjmartin66x says:



    The shill Alex Jones is inciting a 2nd American revolution to flush the federal government of corruption and globalist banksters…

    A lot has passed since we met. I hope this helps.


  2. GM says:

    Drive on Brother! Keep getting the word out.


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