The Reason For the Season

Posted: December 7, 2012 in General
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I knew I was getting close to my one year anniversary in the blogosphere and thanks to the record keepers at I was reminded just a little while ago that today was my anniversary.  In just one short year I have managed to put out 132 different posts that have gone from the comedic to the serious and currently sit at just under 7000 views.  I managed to gain 41 followers which helped me achieve my highest one day total of 1040 views when I wrote about the ass-hats from the Westboro Baptist Church and their attempt to protest the funeral of a young female Sergeant from Raeford, NC.  In part to the writings leading up to the day of the funeral, a Facebook group event my wife started and the word of mouth of a couple thousand people on good old FaceBook, including one of XM/Sirius’ Octane channels DJ’s, Cane Peterson, we were able to rally up a couple thousand counter-protestors to show the WBC exactly how to pay respect to a fallen warrior and their family during their time of warning.  It has been one interesting year in which I have received comments of thanks for a posting I did with how awesome my daughter’s dance school is and got to dig up some really interesting things that I could vent about and hopefully deliver some entertaining and whenever possible, educational, issues.

Knowing I was getting close to my anniversary I have been tossing around in my head a great topic and figuring out the method by which I wanted to deliver it.  One of my greatest peeves over the last few years has been all the commercialism leading up to Christmas and all the other negativity that surrounds the season.  Christmas time, the holiday season in general, is second only to Independence Day for me in order of holiday favorites.  It seems to me that ever since Fox News lost the presidential election, they have needed to find a new topic for their ultra-conservative agenda, most recently they have been ramping up their mythical War on Christmas.  My original intent was to write a nice, nasty counter-shot to their War, a guerilla war if you will on their misinformed, alarmist reaction to a holiday that I do not believe most of them actually know the origins of anyway.  As much as they gripe about the “Christian” roots of the holiday falling under attack by the heathens of the country, I can almost guarantee that they will have all sorts of coverage on the ultra-pagan, apocalyptic end of the world when the Mayan calendar is supposed to run out on December 21st.  They will revel in a Harold Camping-like manner at the folks who will be “Doomsday Prepping” for the world cataclysm that will not occur, and wake up on the 22nd reporting a successful start to day 1 of the Mayan calendar cycle and renew their propaganda on the attack of heathens against a holiday that has its roots in numerous religions starting long before the birth of Christ.

I was instead inspired this evening by someone wise beyond her years and realized that instead of shooting my pea-shooter of a blog at the military industrial complex sized conservative media (most likely never even getting any personal satisfaction out of it anyway), I would write a little bit about what the season really means to me.  First, I shall quote this wizened little 7 year-old, my daughter Gianna:

I finally figured out what Christmas is about. It’s not about presents; it’s about being with your family. The presents represent the joy and happiness your family gives to you. Those are the real Christmas gifts.

My sweet little girl summed up the reason for the season like only a child can.  Many know that I am geographically separated from my family at the moment as they have moved out to the area we will all eventually retire to.  I get to see them on weekends and will be heading out to spend Christmas with them as well.  It makes it infinitely more enjoyable knowing that is how my little girl feels about the holiday and that she has been running around singing Christmas songs all night.  I would like to think that it is simply a matter of us raising our kids the right way, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is just the simplicity of the world through a child’s eyes.  I mean looking back at the Christmas’ of my youth, waking up and ripping open presents was the best way you could ever start the day, but it was the family gatherings that I can remember the most.

I can count on one hand the number of presents I got as a kid that I actually remember today.  I do remember all the holiday gatherings at whichever relative’s turn it was to host the festivities, the food, the games, the late nights, and as I got older the privilege of listening in to the adult conversations and getting a seat at the “big” peoples table.  Large or small, it was a gathering and it was festive.  After I joined the Army, I met the love of my life during Christmas leave and we had our first date on Christmas day 1994.

I have missed 3 or 4 Christmas’ in my little girl’s short life, deployed away.  I did manage to make it home just before Christmas one year and it was pretty awesome.  Even when I have been away we have done our best to make the holiday season enjoyable and festive for the kids.  There is no reason they should see it as anything else.  There is no reason we adults should see it as anything else.  Good old Victorian era Charles Dickens knew the value of the season, he gave us A Christmas Carol and Ebenezer Scrooge as an abject lesson of what happens when you lose your joy as an adult and embrace the greed.  Dickens gave Scrooge three ghosts to help him get his act together, those of us fortunate enough to have them, have our children as a reminder to what we should be holding precious in our lives.

The next time you are watching the news and they start preaching about the war on Christmas, take a look at the pictures in your wallet, on your desk or mantle.  Think about the joy you have right in front of you, I mean that is what we take photos for, they are reminders.  The joy should not be a one-way street, a child’s life is much more enjoyable when you can enjoy it too.  Those who are unfortunate enough to not have children or any other family that you find enjoyable, then it is up to you to find the companionship and festiveness.

My reason for the season is simple, just the way I like it; I have my family, we will be together and we will get to have our first Christmas in our new home.  That was the original intent behind the season anyway.  It was a time to start anew, the old year was behind you, it was a celebration of the successes of the past year and one final hoorah before the worst of the weather hit and shut everyone in for a couple months until the Spring thaws.

I am not going to let the war-mongers rally cry for the War Against Christmas irritate me anymore.  I was reminded by my little princess what is important.  Hopefully, my wars are behind me, I do not need a made up one to get me riled up.  There are plenty of real things out there left to fight for.  So whatever your personal beliefs may be, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,  Feliz Navidad. Happy Channukah, and all the other sentiments for you particular belief system.  And, may that jolly fat bastard put something special under your tree.

  1. Mouse82 says:

    “I finally figured out what Christmas is about. It’s not about presents; it’s about being with your family. The presents represent the joy and happiness your family gives to you. Those are the real Christmas gifts.”

    She is wiser then her years of age. A true testament to the up bringing you and your wife have afforded her. I hope one day my son can see the meaning of Christmas as clearly as your young daughter has. While I hold no Christian or biblical believe in Christmas. I find Christmas a wonderful time of year, both for gathering and joy.


  2. John Nichols says:

    Ditto to Kool aid, The reason for the season is family not God, presents or Santa Claus.


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