A New Meaning for “Mass” Execution

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Rants
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The state of Ohio is faced with an enormous challenge in executing a prisoner for and almost 30 year old murder.  Ronald Post, a death row inmate scheduled for execution on January 16th has filed an appeal to stay his execution on the grounds that he is too fat.  Yes, that is right, he is challenging the method of execution, the lethal injection, on the grounds that it would be inhumane.  Not only does he have this opportunity to challenge because of his obesity (floating around 450 pounds), but it would appear that a federal judge has found enough merit in his plea to actually he it in court later this month.

The most startling thing about this case is that Post has gained close to 200 pounds since moving to death row in 1985.  How the hell does an inmate gain 200 pounds on government food?  Now I know that food for inmates and the military is not the most nutritious fare, fact is much of the food produced for those two government entities, as well as our school system, does not even make the local grocery shelves.  One may say that it is hardly suitable for consumption without the flair of a highly trained cook, and a bottle of Tobasco sauce.  That still does not answer the question as to how this big bastard was able to continuously grow while stuck in solitary confinement the majority of the day.

You have to wonder if officials at the prison ever bothered to take notice at the growth of Post before he bothered to pursue his appeal.  The obesity claim is not without precedent according to Huffington Post:

In 1994, a federal judge in Washington state ruled that convicted killer Mitchell Rupe, at more than 400 pounds, was too heavy to be hanged because he might be decapitated. After numerous court rulings and a third trial, Rupe was sentenced to life in prison, where he died in 2006.

Ohio has a back up method of execution which involves repeated injections over the course of hours or maybe even days.  Reportedly this can be an extremely painful method of execution (cue tear rolling down cheek).  They would only use this method however if they cannot find veins in this guys corpulent body.  So instead of dying in rapid fashion in much the same way I have given final relief to beloved pets at a veterinarians office, this ball of blubber is trying to prove to the court that it is more humane to slowly expand himself to the bursting point rather than face the music and own up to his crimes.  There is also a third, less likely alternative which is to cut into the layers of blubber in Post’s arms until can find a juicy vein to tap into.  This is less likely because it would be less than humane to have to go to so much effort and cause bodily harm to SOMEONE WHO IS GOING TO DIE ANYWAY!!!

I am not so callous as to say that everyone on death row is actually guilty.  There have been plenty of cases over the last decade or so that have been reversed due to DNA alone.  Everyone deserves a chance to run through the appeal process, that is just the way it is.  I dont think that it should take a decade or two to actually kill someone, but there are probably a few of those people affected by DNA reversal who would have a really good argument against me.  What is truly absurd, however, is that Post is not denying his crime, he just does not have the balls to face the executioner.  He is using the system as a means to prolong or even change his conviction.

I am not against the death penalty.  I have been around enough and seen enough that in my world some people just need to die.  They do evil things, they do not show any remorse and some make a mockery of their incarceration and find ways to exploit each and every hole they can find in the law.  We are a land of processes, due process being top among them when it comes to law.  That is a good thing.  What strikes me as funny about our Constitutional rights is that the further away we get from the architects of the Constitution, the more our “wizened and learned” Constitutional specialists claim to be able to interpret the document and the intentions of the Founding Fathers.  Along with that comes more bureaucracy and impediments to justice.  Try to imagine yourself back in 1790 or so, the Constitution has been ratified and the the Bill of Rights established.  A heinous crime has been committed, the perpetrator caught.  They are tried, convicted and summarily executed.  How long do you think that would take?  More than likely just a matter of days, certainly no more than weeks.  This all within a couple of years of our nation even having a Constitution.  No delays, no mercy.

How come after more than 200 years we can wait almost three decades for some fat, corpulent bastard, tried and convicted of murder to decide within weeks of his execution to say that it would be inhumane to execute him because he is too fat. It is sickening and  yet another embarrassing mockery of our justice system.  How come it was so much easier to mete out justice back when the Constitution was enacted?  Maybe we need to take a good hard look at the times and methods of the day rather than trying to interpret what the Founding Fathers intended, after all they did not have any problems getting things done.  I guess the exponential growth of known information is too overwhelming for our supposedly advanced culture.


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