This Week in Irritating Sh!t

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Rants
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So it has been one of those weeks and I figure I will put together a little list of irritating things from the media, pop-culture, and just the world around me.  They are in no particular order and may contain some vulgar language.  Enjoy!

1.  Ray Lewis.  The Superbowl is over, it was a great game.  One of the best I have been able to see in recent years.  The best part, Ray Lewis is now retired and we as a world no longer have to hear how blessed he is or anything else Ray Lewis.  The next we will hear from him is when he is either given a job as a talking head on one of the half time shows or for his next felony charge that he will skate on.

2. Celebrities talking about their favorite political cause.  I don’t really appreciate it during the long, long campaign season for major elections, it is even more annoying when they just want to run their yap.  Speak for yourself and quit using your celebrity as a fucking soapbox.

3.  The liberal agenda, conservative values and the Libertarian party.  You are all responsible for screwing up the country, and we as citizens are responsible for allowing you to do so.  At this point in our history I honestly think the best thing our esteemed government can do is absolutely nothing.  I really think what needs to happen is some 19th century bitch slapping in chambers.  Talk and rhetoric is getting them nowhere, so may it is time for a little fisticuffs to happen to demonstrate how little regard anyone’s agenda has for the American public and how little party politics.  Libertarians, all the shit you talk sounds really good on paper, but should you ever become the majority you will be just as grey haired and corrupt as what we got now as soon as that taste of power.  Prove me wrong, I will gladly admit it, but until your there you are just as skeptical in my eyes as what we got now.

4.  You mindless drones who spew the hate-filled shit that the above names parties preach on a daily basis.  Get an original thought once in a while and do some research beyond Wikipedia.  It is not exactly a peer reviewed, reliable source of information.  Wikipedia tries to do right, they really do, but just like everything else open source it is subject to be messed with for the amusement of someone who can.  Simply carrying on the party line and posting your hate-filled shit on your anti-social network page, while sometimes entertaining, is generally just ignorant.  The Zone here may not exactly be a scholarly journal but I do try to be original and entertaining when it is applicable.

5.  The common cold.  Yes it is that time of year again and true to form I only end up with one of the many symptoms associated with it.  I cant be fortunate enough to go full steam, get sick as a dog and be done with it.  No, that would be way to simple.  I get the perpetually stuffy nose that messes with my already poor hearing, leads to a sore throat and it last forever.  The nose does not even have the courtesy to stay stuffy all day long.  It will come and go all day long, and just when I am ready to go to bed it comes on full bore and I am a mouth breather all night long.  Leading to an even more scratchier throat.

6.  Women in combat.  After 19 years in the Army you know what I have figured out about the subject?  Nothing but the fact that the decision has been made.  At one point blacks could not serve alongside white, gays could not be out in the open and until very recently women could not be Infantry.  Maintain the standards that currently exist, give women the same chance as a professional that everyone else is given and move on.  Until it is repealed it is the way it is and that is not going to happen any time soon.  Hell, most of them have more balls than the people we are supposed to be entrusting to run their own countries right now and there is much less of a chance of them turning around and shooting us in our own camps.  We have been serving side by side as long as I have been in the Army anyway.

7.  Political Correctness.  If the truth is accurate and well delivered, but ruffles your delicate feathers, tough shit.  Time to start sucking it up and moving on.  There is a difference between a lazy piece of shit who expects the government to take care of everything they have fucked up in their lives and someone who needs a hand to help them along.  One is bad and a leech upon bloated teat of the bureaucracy; the other is an American who wants to move beyond a temporarily bad circumstance and eventually give back.  Sometimes they both unfortunately get lumped in the same category simply by virtue of the program helping them out.  If you fall into the first example, dont be surprised when someone calls you out.  Feel free to take offense, but don’t get all pissy when they do not apologize for the circumstances you do nothing to get out of.  The truth hurts sometimes, that does not mean that it has to be softened for you and your delicate sensibilities.

8.  Airports, Airlines and TSA checkpoints.  I travel a lot.  All airlines allow 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item.  Every airline has a box that your carry-on is supposed to fit in to.  NOT ONE OF THEM ENFORCE IT.  It really pissed me off that on a plane with an average of 200 seat, 199 of the passengers have bags that barely fit in the overhead and some other “personal” bag that is equally bulky and a row mate tries to shove under the seat in front of me so that they can try and stretch out their own legs.  I have been to a lot of airports and I am convinced that the reason TSA checkpoints take so long is not because of draconian measure of the facist, overzealous security staff.  It is because of self-important, arrogant travelers who cannot take the time to research the procedures or even read the conveniently placed sign as to what to do when you get to x-ray.  Take your laptop out of the bag and place in a tray by itself, close bag and lay it flat.  Take of you shoes, belt, everything out of your pockets, take off your jacket and place it in another tray.  Move forward to either the millimeter wave machine or the metal detector and then get out of my way so I don’t have to put up with you anymore.  That is until you irk me with trying to shove your shit in the overhead bin and squeeze your arrogant ass into the seat next to me.

9.  The word trending.

10.  The 24 hour news cycle.

11.  Self-righteous Congressional hearing and Senate confirmation hearings.  A big waste of money from people who do not need another excuse to waste our money.

And finally, running out of things to bitch about for the moment, but tomorrow is another day and new things will rear their ugly, irritating heads to bitch about.


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