The Year 1970 in Review

Posted: February 10, 2013 in General
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So I noticed a few of my graduating class that have had birthdays recently and it made me realize that mine is just around the corner in April.  Considering we know more information now than at any other point in history and it is continuing to grow at an exponential rate, I figured I would look up a few facts from the year of my birth.  I am going to try and group them so that they go together somewhat, but pretty interesting data none the less.

President: Richard Nixon

V.P.: Spiro Agnew

U.S. Population 205,052,174

Federal Spending: 195.65 billion

Federal Debt: 380.9 billion

Inflation: 6.5%

Unemployment: 3.5%

World Population: Approximately 3.7 Billion

Chinese Calendar: Year of the Rat

World Series Champs: Baltimore Orioles

Superbowl IV Champs: KC Chiefs

NBA Champs: NY Knicks

Stanley Cup Champs: Boston Bruins

Coke introduced “It’s the Real Thing”

Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin died

The micro-processor was invented

Boeing introduced the 747 Jumbo Jet

Patton won the Best Film Oscar

Cost of  a new home: 26,600

Median income: 8,734

1st class stamp: $.06

1 gallon of gas$.36

Dozen eggs: $.62

Gallon of milk: $1.15

COL Khadafi becomes Premier of Libya

M*A*S*H premiers

US Commercial whale hunting ends

The first Earth Day proclamation is made in San Francisco by Mayor Joseph Alioto

The 500th nuclear explosion is announced by the US since 1945

The Beatles split up (thanks Yoko!)

Apollo 13 announces “Houston, we have a problem”

National Guard kills 4 at Kent State

1st NYC Marathon is run

Monday Night Football premiers

Doonesbury debuts

So there are lots more little tidbits of information out there from the year 1970.  It was a very active time in politics and popular culture.  I will revisit this as it gets a little closer to my birthday and see what falls into that timeframe directly.












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