So, there were plenty of breaking news stories this week to keep the savage and sensationalist media salivating all week long.  There was also a few stories that slipped through the cracks but still fall into the interesting and absurd.

1.  The Pope quits.  The big man’s representative on the ground for the Catholic church decided that he was just not up to the task and that the job may be better left up to a younger man.  As the week progressed it was released that the pontiff had been a victim of a fall that resulted in a bloody head wound sometime in the near past. Unlike Popes of the past he is willing to leave office on his own two feet and live the life of a sequestered Cardinal on the Vatican grounds.  I personally would like to know if it has anything to do with the scandals plaguing the church over the last several decades, the investigations for which he was the chief red hat of.  As long as he is on Vatican grounds there is little to know chance that he could be officially called forth to answer for ay external investigations that are brewing through numerous countries of the world.

2.  Oscar Pistorious, the South African runner known as the “Blade Runner” was arrested this week for the murder of his girlfriend, a model, lawyer, and advocate for domestic abuse causes and reforms.  The former Olympian, known for his high-tech prosthetic lower legs claims that he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder to his home in the dark, yet still managed to deliver some precision shooting to her head and chest area.

3.  Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD police officer who went on a killing spree that resulted in the death of 2 police officers in multiple jurisdictions and the murder of the daughter and her fiance, of the man who represented Dorner at the hearings which would result in his dismissal, met his fate at his own hands this week.  Dorner, who killed his fourth victim, a San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Deputy,  outside the cabin he would eventually take his own life and burn in, was the subject of a 9 day manhunt and 1 million dollar bounty.  “Black Rambo” as he became known, delivered a 43 page rambling manifesto that covered everything from what pissed him off to his favorite comedians.  Some of the accusations in the manifesto resulted in internal LAPD investigations and inspired numerous “fans” to set up websites in favor of their new Robin Hood and protests in the wake of his death.  Media coverage was the typical sensationalist crap we have come to expect on the 24 news cycle and the SB County spokesperson who was trying to hold a press conference as Dorner was holed up in the cabin, delivered one of the worst briefings I have ever seen at the conclusion of a crisis.  Either way, the shitbag took his own life and the media vultures got to deliver on site footage of a lunatic BBQ for several hours.  I wonder who got the bigger Nielsen rating that night, the State of the Union Address or the San Bernadino County BBQ and turkey shoot.

4. State of the Union Address.  I watched hockey and Dorner coverage, but I can sum it up in just a few words;  we are fucked.  From all sides we are fucked.  There is no one party responsible, no one in DC has our best interests in mind, and we as American citizens repeatedly allow it to happen by voting in these turds and by surrendering our personal freedoms in exchange for hand outs.  Enough said, do not want to get in trouble on this topic.

5.  The state of North Carolina, my state of residence, is trying to introduce legislation to clarify under no uncertain terms, what “private parts” constitute.  This generally stems from the city of Asheville and the fact that there is no law on the books that says women cannot walk around with the breasts exposed for all to see.  This year they held the 2nd Annual Topless Rally and it is really not all that uncommon to see a few free wheeling women walking around with their boobies all out and swinging free at different downtown events in the warmer weather.  The NC legislature is hoping to clarify the state laws due to some ambiguous language about what actually constitutes nudity on women and as a means of trumping local law by defining it at the state level.  Having witnessed first-hand some of this free-spirited exposure, I can certainly see, from a purely aesthetic point of view, why they would want to regulate and clear up the language.  Asheville, my retirement city in just a couple of years though, is a town that spans the extremes of liberal and conservative.  Often, existing side by side and I can see as the weather gets warmer that more boobies will be on display as an active protest against the state getting into an area that it does not belong.  I will keep up with this one as it gets closer to going towards a vote, but either way, firm or floundering, I say let them be free!

6.  Sports Illustrated is hit with allegations of racism in their next Annual Swimsuit Edition.  It is not for the reasons you may think though.  SI which has traditionally had models of multiple ethnicity and skin tones, display the most expensive millimeters of cloth in some  of the most remote and exotic locations in the world is being hit with the racism line for including indigenous peoples of the various locales they shot at alongside their scantily clad models.  China for one stands out as a complainer for showing a rural Chinese male standing in the bow of a dugout canoe while a blonde haired, blue-eyed model displays her wares and an overly expensive bikini on a seat in the canoe.  Chinese run press state the following over the photo shoot:

Besides which, the picture represents a specific decision to portray China as “non-Western” and “backward.” As Shanghaiist notes, in Sports Illustrated’s view China is poverty and ‘ethnic’ clothing, not the world’s second largest economy where the majority of people live in cities rather than the countryside.”

This is SI’s Swimsuit edition we are talking about, not the definitive media infrastructure for developing world peace and arbiters of diplomacy.  Take a gander at the photos that have been running in the media the last couple days and remember to look for the locals in the background.  This is about them, not the models on display.

7.  Esquire magazine released an article this week based on an interview of the man who actually killed Usama Bin Laden last year.  The man simply identified by the witty pseudonym “the shooter”, gave a heart-wrenching story of his departure from the Navy after 16 years of service and how they “fucked” him over on his way out the door.  It seems this 16 year veteran, one of the top 1% of the Navy in brains, brawn and skills, was not smart enough to do his due diligence in what would be owed to him as far as contractual entitlements upon his departure out of the Navy.  You see he was not eligible for an actual retirement, even though he was promoted as “retired” by most of the media outlets earlier in the week.  Nor was he eligible to maintain his health benefits for his family when he departed.  Now, I pass absolutely no judgement on his abilities as a SEAL, nor do I criticize his mission and putting a couple in UBL’s grape.  Good work all the way around as far as I am concerned.  I do not even criticize his decision to leave the Navy with that many years in, yet short of actual retirement.

My problem with this ass-hat is the use of the media in a manner which mis-represents his decision to do those things as a royal fucking by the the Navy.  There is a process for leaving any branch of service, regardless of how many years you have in.  If you choose to attend and actually pay attention at the multitude of briefings, you should leave the service knowing exactly what is available for you and your family.  It is an individual responsibility to know your benefits and entitlements, all the individual services are required to do is provide you the information.  It is up to you to do something with it.

I literally spent a whole day pissed off as this one played out in the press and each time I thought it would start to drop off the radar something else would pop up that just kept it going.  I will be the first to stand up and identify the multitude of shortcomings that the military as a whole need to work on  and get better at, but in the same breathe I will remind any complainer that it is their responsibility to seek out what is there for them.  You can lead a horse to water and all of that.  I just see it as one more indication that we are a society that relies upon entitlement and expect others to put the work in so that we as individuals can pawn off our own short-comings as the failure of others.

Okay, that is all for now.  Look for another “shooter” write up later in the week.  Remember not to believe everything you read in the news or see on TV, that includes what you read right here!

  1. I heard about the first three here in Taiwan but didn’t manage to catch any of the later ones. Good job on keeping me informed 🙂


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