Stolen Valor Act Update Signed into Law

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Government, Military
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After the Supreme Court’s validation of the ability to lie at the expense of my brothers and sisters in arms in striking down the original version of the act and letting the lying piece of dogshit, Xavier Alvarez get away with his false claims of military heroism and bravery.  The USSC determined that the original act of 2005 violated Alvarez’s 1st Amendment rights because it was not specific enough in its intent and therefore it was his right to lie his ass off about his exploits during his election to some small town board or another.

Today President Obama signed into law a revamped version of the Stolen Valor Act.  A version which adds definition to the false wearing of military medals and bragging about your exploits for personal gain.  According to an ABC news write up it is now illegal to lie and profit from it.

This is no small news in this day and age when our wars and military deployments are becoming less and less popular in the public eye and one of the few things us veterans have is what we have earned with the blood, sweat and tears, and occasional nightmares that comes with the service to our country.

So kudos to a government that in the midst of all the infighting and other crap flowing out the beltway to take the time and get something right for a change.  It is the least they can do to throw a little respect to the people who make sure that they can maintain their crappy level of performance on America’s behalf.  Now if they could just figure out a little bit about healthcare, give people the incentive they need to get off their asses and find a job, quit selling us out to the Chinese and do a little something about uniting this country instead of driving a wedge down the middle of it we would be okay.





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