One Person’s Opinion….Or is it?

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Military, Rants
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I was hit up by an acquaintance today about how to respond to an email she received.  My acquaintance works for an organization called Wreaths Across America as the North Carolina representative.  While we have never actually met in person, we became acquainted when my wife started an event page on Facebook to gather like minded patriots in counter-protest to Westboro Bapshits disgraceful display at the funeral of SGT Donna Johnson in Raeford, NC last October.  Jennifers extensive contact list of military, family members and supporters was instrumental in rallying up a couple thousand people to show up and place a human wall between the grieving family and the WBC.  WAA is currently ramping up their drive to solicit donations that will go towards placing a wreath on every grave at Arlington cemetery and several other veteran’s cemeteries across the country.  Wreaths will be laid Saturday, December 14th.  Below is the text from the email response she received from one ingrate and needless to say she was unsure of how to respond so she reached out to your friendly neighborhood asshole, ME.

our military is a disgrace….. nothing but hired killers for a corrupt govt…no different than Hitler’s army in WWII……. they do the devils work…. not to mention they swear an oath to defend the constitution meanwhile they violate it themselves….. THERE IS NOTHING HONORABLE ABOUT AMERICA’S MILITARY….. BUNCH OF DAMN LOSER JARHEADS…. BRAINWASHED FOOLS THAT SERVE THE DEVIL…..

Catch your breath y’all, this is a for real response to her donation solicitation email.  This is the response in its totality as well.  The only thing I have not included is the respondent’s email, the original solicitation and associated email.  Click the hyperlink above and you can donate, sponsor a wreath or volunteer your time to place wreaths on hallowed ground this December.

So, back to the offensive

response above.  What world does this sick bastard live in and what has turned him so sour on me and my fellow brothers and sisters in arm?  Disgrace?  There have been times through my tenure in the Army that some have acted in a less than honorable fashion; this applies to members of all the services.  I have found however, that this is an honorable profession and the vast majority, regardless of their motivations for joining, live honorably and proudly represent the uniform and our country.

“nothing but hired killers for a corrupt government”….”no different than Hitler’s army in WWII”?  What the hell is this guy’s problem?  One of the reasons why PTSD is a keynote issue and service member suicide is so high these days is because taking the life of another human being is such a repugnant act.  It is through repetition in training that a soldier is able to take the life of an enemy.  For most soldiers (used inclusively for all services) it is not a natural act or desire to take the life of another human being and in this day and age for the most part, soldiers only do so in order not to die themselves and to defend their battle buddies when they are unable to.  A small minority may have some other inclinations in regards to the use of violence and deadly force, but this is indeed a tiny portion.

I am not even going to touch the “devils work” comment and as far as swearing an oath to the Constitution and violating it this is where this guy moves from disrespectful and delusional to repugnant and ludicrous.  In 20 years I have seen soldiers of all shapes, sizes, intelligence levels, backgrounds, races, creeds and religions.  Some have been absurdly patriotic, and others have been of low moral fiber, the one thing that has not faltered is the military’s unwavering desire to constantly adjust things in order to reign service members in when it even appears as if something has become a problem within the ranks.  At times to the point of absurdity.  This is not to say that military members have not perpetrated crimes or units have not suffered from shit leadership.  On the contrary we have that.  What we do have are services who are willing to stop EVERYTHING, including combat operations, in order to provide training to members in order to make sure things do not continue.  The great majority of us take our oath very seriously and it is a personal affront to those of us that do to see the words of an uneducated piece of shit who hides behind one of the amendments we defend to say otherwise.

“THERE IS NOTHING HONORABLE ABOUT AMERICA’S MILITARY….. BUNCH OF DAMN LOSER JARHEADS…. BRAINWASHED FOOLS THAT SERVE THE DEVIL…..” Our profession is based upon a foundation of honor.  For some that foundation may crumble.  Sometimes that is in spectacular fashion.  Those of us who take our oaths seriously, live lives as honorably as possible.  Considering the purpose of our profession we do a pretty good job of it.  We navigate a quagmire of unknowns and dangers all while trying to make the best decisions possible.  There is nothing glamorous about combat, it is a dangerous, ugly, horrifying experience; some of us are lucky enough to get away from it with minimal scarring while others pay with everything they have.  None of us though walk away unblemished and we all do so in order for any dumb-ass with a computer and an internet connection to have the right to question our honor.

These are some contentious times in our country.  Shitty politicians, unpopular wars, racism, sexism, a legal system that is not prepared for the technology we embrace, sensationalist, irresponsible media outlets and a billion other issues all are part of the powder keg that is our country.  Our military has continued to provide a backbone for our nation and our way of life.  It is a tough, honorable profession.  So much so that as we begin to draw down our unpopular wars are finding that we have to release people in order to meet our numbers.

After all these years at times I wonder why we do what we do, especially, when a shithead like this one has the nerve to spew the things that he does or a Westboro Bapshits has the right to decry our fallen in the manner that they do.  As personally repugnant as it is to me, we do this job so that they have the freedom to do so. Let them say the things they do in some of the other countries I have been to and see if they have any rights.  It is not simply the respect I have for my brothers and sisters in arms and the bond that all of us has that only those who have been there understand.  It is the actions of people like my friend, those who create or contribute to great organizations.  Organizations that not only honor military, veterans, spouses and especially the fallen, but also come to our defense while we are away and placing ourselves in danger.

So to the ingrate I have this to say:

Pull your head out of the sand you ungrateful piece of shit.  What do you think would be your ability to send out such an offensive piece of shit email without the sacrifices of our uniformed service members?  It would be little to no ability that is what.  So, shut your piehole, put down Hot-Pocket and Redbull, step away from your keyboard and the case of “virtual muscles” that it gives you and venture into the sunlight.  It is easy to spew shit when you are sitting in your mother’s basement, but it takes honor and courage to walk up to a veteran and say those same things with the same amount of invective you imply in your email.  Do not be surprised with the reaction, it could be anything from a much deserved ass-whooping to a simple “you are welcome sir”.  I personally am hoping on the ass-whooping but I would hate to see one of my brothers or sisters risking jail time for scraping a piece of shit like you off of their shoe.

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