Maybe It Is Time To Reboot the Machine

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

So the bickering giants in the corridors of power have yet again come to a successful compromise and caused our government to shut down.  The partisanship and divisiveness have caused hundreds of thousands of US public servants to lose pay and suffer the follow on effects of such actions: inability to pay the bills; questionable financial security; uncertainty that the government they have provided their faithful services to has been appreciated or even respected.

If Congress were the children of  good parents, the parents would find a way to make the bickering ingrates come to an accord and make things work.  However, since this family is completely dysfunctional and has more in common with Honey-Boo Boo than it does the Cleavers (for those of you who grew up with the Power Rangers as good television entertainment, the Cleavers were a mythical perfect family, in a perfect 1950’s house who children Wally and Beaver found themselves in some sort of trouble each episode in which their all knowing father, Ward, would give them free and wise life lessons based upon their latest escapades, while their mother June would contemplate why Ward was so hard on the Beaver the evening prior).  So in a nutshell, our illustrious purveyors of legal administration and justice are as fucked up, if not worse, than those they claim to represent.

Since 1977 the government has shut down 17 times.  The most current shutdown is less a cause of statesmanship than it is of gamesmanship.  It is not about the concerns of the constituencies, it is about making a name for themselves, setting themselves up for their next election bid, and, keeping the lobbyists happy that skillfully play both sides of each issue thanks to their deep pockets.  If at any time someone in one of the agencies that falls under our federal idocracy should break their charge of maintaining a legal, moral and ethical representation of said agency and in doing so should additionally bring embarrassment to one party or the other (IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Iran-Contra, etc.) then all the might of a Congressional hearing and follow on charges will be brought asunder to render justice.  Yet, in this shutdown, Congress is still managing to get paid while the agencies who support their bloat are only able to man critical functions.

We the People, are allegedly those who should be served by those who we elect to fill an office.  We the people through the years have failed in our responsibilities to maintain vigilance over those same people.  We have forgotten that we have the power and have incrementally surrendered bits and pieces of it until the majority have forgotten, or have never known that elected officials serve at our pleasure, not at their own.  Time and again we have fallen prey to group think thanks to sound bites and media personalities who we assume have greater knowledge than we do simply because of their credentials.  Those who make the attempt to decry the foul intentions of the police state generally tend to do so with relish and as much venom as is exemplified by our partisan leaders.  There is no moderation in politics, there is no moderation in expression against the politicians.  The few voices of moderation and reason that are out there are simply not loud enough to be heard or are dismissed as fringe and unknowing.

Here is a FB posting I put up earlier because I was completely disgusted with the disgusting vitriol being spewed from both sides:

Those of you out there who spew hatred towards the party you are not a part of are just as stupid and divisive as the dick-bags who have run our political systems to the ground and have caused it to shut down. The blame should be focused on all sides. If the government were the Army we would have removed leaders at every level for much lesser offenses than allowing our government to shut down.

These asshats who are “voluntarily” giving up their Congressional salaries until they can do their job and open us back up and maybe, just maybe, one day, actually pass a budget rather than a continuing resolution are grandstanding and pandering to the ignorant and ill-informed. If you believe these are acts of benevolence and altruism, you deserve what you stand behind.

There are problems with every law ever written and passed. That does not make them any less lawful. Fix the things that are wrong with the ACA but first, get the goddam country back to work. Fulfill your oaths like you demand of my brothers and sisters at arms. Listen to your constituents and vote as they require you to. Skip the party politics and be an American.

TO you ignorant shits out there who perpetuate the same idiocy as our politicians do pull your heads out the ass of the animal of your party and start thinking for yourself.


We are currently in a shutdown.  Sooner or later we will reboot.  In the interim and after the lights come back on, it is up to us to make sure that our voices are heard.  Not as a republican or democrat, liberal or conservative (yes lower case, should they really be elevated to the exalted capital status?) but as Americans.  It does not matter that you disagree with the person next to you, it matters that both are heard and that if majority cannot rule, then that person who alleges to represent us finds the common ground needed to make the best decision.  Not the right decision, you will never make the right one when multiple parties are involved, but you can make the best decision based off of what they all want.

It’s our country people, no one to blame if it fails but us.  If we don’t like something then we need to fix it.  After all, this is America fuckers, no one tells us what to do, not even us.  We may be down a bit but we will come back.  I am not a person of faith but there are a few things I believe in, one of those being all those good people that I have known who have given themselves in protecting our inalienable rights have not done so in vain, but rather so their efforts and the sacrifices of their families can renew what we once had.


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