Seven Deadly Sins of the National Identity

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Believer or not, few can argue that the Seven Deadly Sins of the traditional Christian teachings, when blindly followed by an individual, can have a cascading effect on the person leading to an imminent fall to their own personal bottom.  Left unchecked and ingrained into a person’s life and psyche, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride, individually or in any combination can degrade the restraint and responsibility of the most solid of citizens to the point of unrecognizability.  The definition and parameters of these sins has expanded since their third century origins as the list of vices and the ease of their availability has grown.  These sins however, are degrading to the individual.  While the effects may be felt to all those acquainted with the “sinner”, they are insufficient to describe present day foibles for the collective.

Our country as a whole has strayed far from the simplistic principles from which we were founded upon.  Our Constitution contains only 27 amendments in our short history, the first 10 of which deal specifically with our basic human rights.  So as a nation our Founding Fathers broke down the rights, which we as a race of humans, as Americans, are entitled to to a total of 10 basic rights.  This is simplicity at its best.  Yet in all this simplicity provided as a framework to run our Republic we developed a new list of sins that applies to the collective which makes the individual, original sins pale in comparison and are practiced by both the governed as well as those who govern.

Consumerism:  We have moved from a society of independence, which provided not only for our own needs but had enough abundance to supply others for theirs, to one who is dependent on the efforts and resources of others for our needs.  Often these do not even fall into basic human needs, most often it can be found that people forego these needs in order to fulfill desires rather than what they need to live.

Entitlement:  No where in our Constitution does it say that the government will provide for its citizens anything more than a fair shake at opportunity the same as our neighbors are provided with.  We are not guaranteed subsidies or free anything, yet we have increasingly grown dependent on handouts and freebies.  It is an expectation of provision without expectation of anything being required in return.  We have empowered generations of able-bodied to live at the behest of others hard work to the detriment of those truly in need.

Dispassion:  We have lost our heart.  We shun those who have fallen on hard times and stigmatize those who do not fit the mold we have determined to be a good American, despite the fact that different groups have differing definitions of what that means.  We use terms like diversity and equality as means to effect change yet instead of embracing our differences we attempt to fit them all into the same box.  Those who refuse to are ostracized rather than making the effort to truly find the common ground.  Acceptance is seldom complete and total but comes instead with strings attached.

Unaccountable:  We do not accept responsibility for our actions nor do we expect those who lead us to set the example to do so either.  We have become a society which passes our shortcomings off to those who are not prepared to defend themselves.  We set a bar for our leaders to be placed on and are readily accepting for their excuses not to fulfill their obligations.  This particular sin is commonly found within both the citizenry and our elected officials and is most often adjudicated in the court of social opinion rather than within the ethical frameworks which should govern us all.

Invulnerability:  Our nations faces outward with a hardened shell impervious to most attempts at cracking it.  Though each stumble and fall we have had to repair it and upgrade it as each and every loss of a defender of our ideals and way of life has caused our shell to weaken.  In spite of ill-conceived policy and questionable use of resources we have maintained our armor.  What we have failed to heal are the wounds received and the illnesses we have allowed to fester on the inside.  For this particular sin it is not the armor that we present to the world which will lead us down the tainted path, it is instead the problems at the heart of our nation which will cause us to fail.

Blind-Faith:  We cannot be bothered to seek out our own thoughts and ideas and so we irresponsibly place the burden on those who are ill-equipped or could care less about our needs.  Politics, media, religion, activism and ideology are all things we throw ourselves behind regardless of how inept or divisive they may demonstrate themselves to be.  Even those who allege to be practitioners of free-thought and individual rights seldom can see beyond their own ideological imbalances.  We are too willing to be sheep rather than the sheepdog.

Illiteracy:  There is not technological fix for stupidity.  Despite our best efforts you cannot solve people problems with technological advancement.  We spend out time in schools learning to pass a test yet we do not educate.  We have forgotten there is a difference between training and education and most often times we fall short of both.  We have taught people how to read yet we have forgotten how to think for ourselves.  We have stopped requiring or funding languages in schools while our youth becomes fluent in slang rather than learning the rules of grammar for our own language.  We no longer articulate our ideas as our own but rather pay someone who has taken the time to learn how to do so for us.

Surrender:  When all else fails we give up.  It has become too easy to do so and it does not come with any bit of shame to do so.  Failure is accepted while success at the most basic of tasks seems extraordinary.  Those who have been successful are finding it easier to simply give up because the alternative seem more fair.  We have equated the term equality with the ideal that you will have the same as everyone else, rather than having free, unfettered access to the opportunity.  When it has become easier to get what you want simply because it is an entitlement it is easy to give up the work ethic.  In three wars in our homeland we did not surrender, we fought for our independence and our identity, yet today our enemy is our own national identity and we are willing to give it up without a fight.

Our nation is still great.  Despite the difficulties we face today we are still far from the bottom to which we can fall.  We lack direction, motivation and purpose and a leadership (in total, not any one person) who can provide it.  We have a responsibility to be heard and to act when our voices are not listened to.  We need to define our identity and not fall prey to the sins that accompany it.

  1. Oh man. I have so many thing to say about this, but probably most you won’t agree with. I’m biting my tongue for now…but only till I get back with some facts, figures, and a semi-literate and intelligent response. Which is most definitely not now. LOL


    • Hey, good to hear from you again. Believe me, I am not on any side here but the country itself. What we need is good discourse and people to follow through not blame and divisiveness. You write very well so I know it will be awesome.

      So bring it!!!


  2. Actually, once again, I have misjudged. On a second reading, I only disagree with maybe like two points. Regarding all the rest, you’ve hit the nail on the head.


    • Nah, you didn’t misjudge, just takes a while to get me sometimes 🙂 I am glad there is some disagreement,, I get concerned when people follow blindly.

      You going to get back to writing your blog regularly soon?


      • I’m gonna try. No lies. It’ll take a few more weeks or mbb a couple of months. Just trying to decide what to do. jus trying to decide what to do. I can move home and have the support Iof my family, but no health insurance. I can move in with my sis in Europe, same circumstances. I can try and stay here and maybe secure another joh, and then have super duper major back surgery (prob, the best the best option) but hard finding one of those here too.


  3. and…..oops, so that’s where my response ended. I had this whole coherent and awesome response and I think I hit the wrong damn button. Oh wells. So yeah. universal health care? That’s my sticking point, and yeah, I absolutely believe a government set up by the people for the people should have always incorporated this one essential and integral basic fact of life. Dare I even say it? Staying alive and healthy is arguably even more important than voting rights, and in all honesty, as a woman in the US, that is a really hard call to make. Until I realized that, woman, minority (being white, I use this term loosely), but whatever the hell I am, without my health, without support, I am nothing, and I have nothing, and quite possibly my only other alternative is death. I mean, seriously, that is how critical universal health care is, and I whole heartedly believe, as a citizin who votes for our officials, that this one basic and essential fact of life should never have been left to free enterprise.


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