Twas the Time Before Christmas

Posted: December 22, 2013 in General
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Twas the time before Christmas and the battle it raged.

Not a war of Arms, but a conflict just the same.

Believers and non, the sides they were split.

It is a war over Christmas, can you believe this shit?

Stockings get hung and presents get wrapped.

Trees dressed in tinsel and ornaments and lights.

While the media frenzy it stirs up a fright.

“How can they deny the birth of Jesus”? the faithful they cry!

“How can you believe such nonsense”? the faithless let fly!

The barbs they are slinging from left and from right.

While our “Do nothing” Congress takes its winter respite.

The lines are drawn and the battles they rage.

While poor little children suffer the wisdom of our age.

All that they want is the magic of the day.

The anticipation of a restless nights sleep, and then presents and play.

Delivered by a jolly fat bastard with love and with cheer.

Flying in his  sled driven by eight tiny reindeer.

They could care less if he is black, white, yellow or tan.

If he lays with Mrs. Claus or he lays with a man.

For deep in their hearts they know he is a myth,

Not a white guy from the Middle East during a time when there were no white people in the Middle East, who migrated to the North Pole to deliver presents to all the worlds children regardless of where they live, who they are, or what combination of parents they have in support of a blend of pagan tradition and Christian assimilation morphed over time to become the commercial monster that begins sometime after Thanksgiving and lasts until a few weeks after the 25th so we can turn in all the things we received that we really didn’t like.  (TAKE A BREATH HERE)

As long as they get something that is close to their wish.

Their pure little hearts spread the magic of time.

Making the season beautiful for those not too blind.

Those who choose to spread the ilk of their poisonous minds.

Christmas is coming on that we can be clear.

Guaranteed to happen the same date in each year.

New children will embrace it while others move on.

But even for them the magic goes on.

Belief in Santa, it may disappear

(and that is what it is really about)

So stop spreading your hatred and fear.

Pull the stick out your ass and embrace the festiveness and cheer.

Wake Christmas morning and put it all aside.

Remember the reason for the season and cross that divide.

Do not be concerned with what is outside your door.

Embrace the love that is spread across your floor.

Wrapping paper, boxes, pieces and parts,

Those are the things that make up our children’s hearts.

America, take some time this Christmas Day to remember what it is really about.  Whatever you beliefs or lack there of happen to be, no one can deny the magic of the day, the joy in a child’s eyes and the love in their hugs before they abandon you to oblivion to play with their new stuff.

(Written by the owner of No Kool Aid Zone. MBW)





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