The Devil is Licking His Chops

Posted: March 18, 2014 in General
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Rumor has it that the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), Fred Phelps, is knocking really loudly on death’s door.  There have been numerous articles posted online over the weekend stating as such, but there is not a 100% confirmation.

I would be remiss in not making note of this potential passing as I have written numerous times on my disdain for this so-called religious organization that makes itself known to the world by protesting at the funerals of fallen service members and quoting such original lines such as “God hates Fags”.

I am by  no means a religious person, on the whole I am against organized religion and am generally an advocate for secular rule of law.  I am not militant about my beliefs, or lack thereof, and have no issue with anyone else belief structure provided they do not try to cram it down my throat.  In general I try to be respectful of others and have stood times too numerous to mention with my head hung low in silent recognition at the memorials of those I know who have given their last measure of life.  As a soldier it is my duty, if ordered and in order to accomplish the mission, to use violence to take a life of an enemy, and if I must to give mine so that others may live.  As a professional, I would never advocate or cheer the pending death of another American.

In this case I will make an exception.

Phelps and his perverted ideology and legion of miscreant followers (mostly family members) have caused insufferable grief to countless family members of fallen warriors with their protests outside of their funerals.  They blame all service members for being sodomites and perverts and causing the unraveling of the moral fabric of our nation, all while hiding behind the rights that we service members guarantee them with our sacrifices in mind, body and spirit.

I have seen first hand the agony this fucker has caused Gold Star families when all they wish to do is send off their loved ones.  I have helped organize a counter-protest that resulted in several thousand people showing up in support of a gay service member who lost her life in combat and show her partner and her family the support of a diverse cross-section of America, many of whom were not in support of the LGBT way of life.  The one good thing Phelps and his WBC have done in this country is brought people of different faiths, sexual preferences and orientations and simply different lifestyles together, in support of what America was founded to be, FREE.

Many of the more rational, kindlier/gentler folk out there are calling simply to just let this pass, let him die and pass on to oblivion.  I say screw that.  We are Americans and have our voice and are not afraid to use it.  I hope he suffers and until he dies his suffering causes his delusional ass to constantly reflect on the pain his perverted beliefs have brought to thousands of Gold Star families.  When he finally dies, I hope there is no one willing to waste the money required to get to his funeral and protest.

I say this because if there is a Heaven and a Hell, a God and a Satan, I am pretty sure they have already come to an accord as to which direction he is going.  Rather than standing before St. Peter at the pearly gates, he should be skipping judgement and forced to walk a gauntlet of the rainbow clad souls of Fallen Warriors and other targets of the WBC, staring at him in exceptional pity.  When he reaches the end of the gauntlet he will be led by demons of imposing rage and disdain to a phallic shaped, barbed-wire wrapped, rotisserie and spit roasted over an open fire pit of agonizing flame and damnation while being forced to listen to Justin Bieber over and over while being forced to watch every season of The L Word for all eternity.

I may be considered a bad man for this; I do not particularly care.  I recognize that in our nation we have certain inalienable rights, and he has exercised one of them in the founding of his “church”.  I also recognize that he and his ilk have caused countless amounts of pain to grieving families in order to spread his message.  In doing so he has garnered nothing but hate and disdain from me.  I raised my hand and volunteered to protect the rights of everyone in this nation, that does not mean that I have to approve or that I can not be petty when it comes to his health or impending death.  Sometimes I just need to be childish and immature in my behavior and this is one of those times.

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