5 Weeks of Civilian Life

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Government

After leaving the center of the military universe just a few weeks ago for a life as a dirty nasty civilian, I was fortunate enough to jump right back into the job market.  I was able to charm my way in to not one, but two jobs, a part-time gig at a National Historic Landmark and the main job as a Loss Prevention manager for the local store of a national brand.  Two jobs at opposite ends of the security field.  It has been extremely busy and not a whole lot of time of for the moment, I had absolutely no idea how bad the retail world is during the holidays.  I think I actually had more time off the last year in the Army than I do right now, even though I know post-holidays it will slow down.

It has been an interesting adventure and I have learned quite a lot in my new field in just a few short weeks.  I am getting a handle on the business side of the retail world.  I never expected to need to read a Profit and Loss statement, but as I have found out you cannot protect assets if you do not know what they are, or where you are hurting the most.  I found that I have quite a knack for investigation, and when it comes to retail you have to look just as hard, if not harder, at the employees than who comes walking through the door.  The cool thing is that I will get to head out to more and more training on interviewing and investigating as time goes on.  These are industry standard courses that I would have never been exposed to otherwise.  So far it has been a pretty cool journey.

There have been plenty of things to write about over the last few weeks but, honestly, I have been too tired to do so.  And, it has felt great to go to sleep each night because I am tired.  It has been a new adventure, and given how much I am enjoying what I am doing right now, it was definitely time to move on from the last one.  While the last 10 years in particular have been among the best years of my life, I never realized until I stepped away how much it had been wearing on me, and my family.

So that is about all for now, don’t want to eat up too much of my one precious day off this week.  As the holidays wind down and I can work a more humane schedule, I should be able to give some more updates.  Thanks for following along.


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