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Okay, we have covered some of this ground before in various other postings, but maybe given the current state of the “leadership” in D.C., and, the blaring ignorance of the most basic principles and the unrivaled gullibility of sheeple to ignorantly comment on and perpetuate the endless streams of stupidity run rampant on social media sites, it is time we break some of these key points of American Civics.

1.  We are NOT a democracy.  I know hard to believe after all these years of the blind following the blind for the truth to come out, but what we are as a nation is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC which uses the democratic process.  Now that you have that term readily available, feel free to do something you have probably never done before; research something for yourself, and, in this case, Wikipedia will probably suffice as a somewhat accurate means of getting an answer.

2.  Impeaching the President will not actually remove him from office.  I know, I know, you have read three words from a really cool meme or skimmed an article from a less than reputable website that included the words: Impeachment; President; and, Obama, and think that is the end all be all of the current administration, but, before we go on remember that it would be the Vice-President who would replace him.  That would be Joe Biden for those of you who are not quite read up on current events.

So on with the act of impeachment.  What that really means is to bring charges against, and the sole responsibility for that rests in the hand of the House of Representatives.  Today, for those of you so inclined to hope for the process to begin chances are in our Republican majority House, it is quite possible that this may happen since bringing charges only requires a simple majority at this phase.  This however, is only step one of an intentionally difficult process created by our Founding Fathers.  So, on to phase two.  Charges are preferred and the defendant is now tried in front of the Senate with the trial presided over by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Here is where it gets difficult folks, each individual charge requires a 2/3 majority of the voting members of the Senate.

***BREAKOUT SESSION*** Just a little simple math before we go on.  There are 50 states in our Union with two (2) Senators per state. 50 (states) x 2 (Senators per state) = 100.  2/3 of 100 is 66% or a minimum of 66 to 34 YEA votes per charge of guilty  ***END BREAKOUT SESSION***

At the start of the 113th Congress this year the political party breakout is as follows: 52 Democrats, 2 Independents, and 46 Republicans.  So, now, refer back to the previous breakout session and math and factor in the fact that there has not been a partisan decision in either house of Congress for years and what do you think would be the likelihood of a 2/3 majority vote in favor of any of the charges preferred by the House?  Do I even at this point need to go on with the process should there be a miraculous vote of YEA for any of the charges?  I think not.

3.  Only the House of Representatives can provide funding for the government.  That is spelled out plain and simple in the Constitution.  This is regardless of whether or not we actually have a budget.  Appropriated funds, bills of taxation and programmatic funding are the sole responsibility of the House.  Senate approval and Presidential signature are pro forma if the House does not come up with the appropriations to begin with.  The Senate and the President can suggest a budget to the House, but the act must originate there.

4.  The President cannot create law, or, fund a program they create beyond the fiscal year, by Executive Order.

5.  Our current “2 Party” system of government is not the law.  What it is, is the inability of American citizens to give enough of a fuck about the state of affairs to demand better from our elected “leaders” and force them beyond politics and party representation.  We have allowed our President to be the leader of the party as well as the leader of the Nation and not always with the best interests of the country in mind (this is not limited to the current administration, it goes back YEARS).

The Tea Party is not a party.  It is a bunch of extreme right wingers who are further dividing an already out of touch party.  Libertarians are at least making an attempt to represent themselves as a legitimate third party by candidates running for offices as actual Libertarians.  And, let us not forget the Democrats in their entirety, they run the gamut from extremely left wing hippy-dippy give it all away for the greater good liberal to centrist moderation.  Say this for them though, they are good at rallying around a cause, using social media and deflecting attention away from a problem when it is more convenient than doing anything about it.  To sum it all up, we would all be better to vote on actual facts than by party politics and choose the right person to represent us and our needs, regardless of party affiliation.

6.  It is our responsibility as American citizens to insure that those we elect are representing us on the national stage.  Contrary to popular belief this is not representing us as individuals, but as the will of their constituency (that would be the best interests of all those they are elected to represent).  If we are not happy, and it would seem based on the recent satisfaction polls that we are not, then it is up to us to make sure that we are satisfied.

7.  The President is limited to two, four year terms in office with the possibility of an additional two years if they were elevated to the post as a result of the sitting President vacating the office (death, resigning, etc.).  This was done as a result of Congress ratifying the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution in 1951.  This was their means of curtailing the power of the President and the possibility of unlimited power growth after the unprecedented four successful elections of FDR.  In all their forethought in regards to limiting the ability to build a kingdom by the President, they conveniently overlooked limiting themselves and their ability to become career politicians rather than elected people who SERVE at the WILL of the Nation and respect the OATH to the Constitution when they take office.

For those of you who may require a refresher in the Constitution click the word.

And for those of you old enough to remember when they tried to add a little bit of education to our Saturday morning cartoon time, a little School House Rock

I just got back from taking advantage of early voting here in Cumberland County, NC.  It is a good thing I did since I know I will not be around on election day.  I have been hemming and hawing to myself for close to a year, ever since the Republican primaries kicked of last year really.  I really did consider not voting because I am not very happy with the way the candidates have conducted themselves over the last year.  Then I realized, that unless every other American sees as I do and fails to cast a vote because they are not satisfied with the choices, then my solo, personal opinion really does not matter.  Hell, even if my vote is just one of a couple hundred million cast, then it is still just a small ripple in the big pond.  The thing is by getting out to vote, I am at least taking part in the process and exercising my Constitutional rights.

Early voting here opened up on Thursday and when I drove by the closest polling place to me the line was out the door and around the building.  If the newspaper can be trusted over 4000 people came out to vote.  I was fortunate today and when I arrived at the polling place I was able to at least get in the building before I hit the line.  As I was leaving it had again gone out the door and started to wrap its way down the sidewalk.  More cars were entering the parking lot then were leaving as I pulled away.

I will not delude myself by thinking that simply by voting I am part of the solution rather than part of the problems.  That is as far from reality as a reasonable person can get.  One small ripple in the big pond (cesspool really) that is our government.  I think that our two-party system is seriously flawed in given the only real choices we have are all we really have.  Granted, one of those two have been wittled down from a crop that started out in the teens, but he was wittled down by people who are only in his political party.  The other side is there by default, it has been a long time since a party failed to endorse the sitting president for a run for the second term.  The real tragedy America is that we are voting on choices handed to us rather than having a legitimate crop of choices to represent the interests of America.  Sorry Gary Johnson, you need a bigger voice in the fight and maybe you will stand a chance.  My suggestion for you is to start campaigning now to gain the real level of support you will need in ’16.

Please do not misunderstand my intent here.  While I personally may not feel that either candidate holds the secret to success our country really needs right now, I am not saying that I think either of them are intentionally trying to bring America to its knees.  I am merely stating that when given choices, especially for the highest office in the land, if people that are not simply standing behind their political parties, are not sure if either is the right choice, then what kind of decisions are we really making.  Undecided and independent voters are generally a little better educated than party ticket voters.  They are not skewed by the party, they want information and they want to make a decision based on that information.

No matter what you think of the candidates, it is your right to either vote or not too.  I did, so if for some reason I feel my vote has been betrayed by the one I selected, I can at least bitch in good conscience, can you say the same?