WELCOME to the No Kool Aid Zone.  Feel free to browse, read, and by all means, please post your comments.  This blog is for those of us who are tired of “Drinking the Kool Aid”, living by the word of others just because they say so or they are in a position to influence your life whether you agree with them or not!

Please do not misunderstand, this is not a site to advocate any kind of anarchy or any such thoughts like that.  If you are a conspiracy theory kind of person or believe in outright upsetting this tenuous balance our government has on things, by all means feel free to read, but I will delete anything I think is inappropriate. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read my rules page before replying to anything.

What can you expect to read here you ask?  Well, I will tell you; my thoughts on whatever is bugging me.  It may be a perspective based posting on something that personally is affecting me, it could very well be my thoughts (rants) on something that has caught the mainstream media’s attention.  Whatever I write about here will be delivered with the intention of being entertaining, somewhat comedic if I can swing it, a little controversial, but most of all designed to inspire a little personal thought on the subject and maybe give you, the reader a place to add your own views.

Remember the title of my blog though and do not take what I say as gospel.  Think for yourself and draw your own conclusions and………..


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