1. I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason I see fit. I also reserve the right to expand and contract the number of rules as I start to learn more about what I am doing here.

2. Please use reasonable language in your replies. Whether you agree with me or not, I hope to inspire some thought and in doing so not be inundated with the F-bomb.  Feel free to drop it if used appropriately!

3. If you have thin skin, you are probably not aware of it anyway. If you are one of those who is blessed with some degree of self-awareness and realize that you may be a little passionate in your own thoughts and how you let others know about it then enter at your own risk. I will always defer to #1 since this is my blog :).

4. If you intend to take a comment beyond the casual comment (read this as throwing down the gauntlet on my posting) be prepared to back it up with verifiable references. Explaining this out just a little further, please understand that some of these posts may be born of frustration but will change as they mature or I become better informed.

5. I am HUMAN, and as such I am prone to mistakes or just outright making an ass of myself. If I am outright wrong on something or have typed without applying the proper forethought as to how something may be perceived, I am man enough to correct my mistakes, apologize for a slight, and give proper credit to those who call me out on it. YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!

6. If something I say falls neatly into some conspiracy theory or your perception about how the man is trying to take over every aspect of your life, then please do not post anything unless it is conducive to a good discussion. BTW, if you think the man is peering into your life and trying to take it over, they may just be tracking you now and controlling your mind through your computer 🙂


  1. You are an honor to our country. I was born a Navy brat in a Naval hospital. Am a flaming progressive…but; have a pro stance on the death penalty -yeah DNA-, and the right to own a gun (I can slaughter a watermelon and 40 yards!) I agree with all of your posts. Not a liberal nor any other ideologue, but an American.
    As you said..Agree or disagree. Nothing more patriotic, NOT Nationalistic i.e. fascism, nazi, or communist. Not necessarily democratic either -at least the fucked up way it works in our country.
    Thank you for your service and keep on writing!!


    • Thank you Rachel. I have been neglecting my blog over the last couple of weeks despite the fact I I love to write. I started this particular blog with the idea of being able to vent in mind, but realized not everything that gets to me is actually worth writing about. I really enjoyed your blog, finally realizing that true bloggers are a community and you have to keep on looking at all you can read to find a few folks you are inclined to keep in touch with. You have a special bond as a military child who has grown into a very interesting woman. I will be looking at your blog regularly. Please keep entertaining in the ether!!


  2. You’re the best -smile-


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