Hiatus is Nearly Over

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Fear not dear readers, as few of you as there may be, I have not forgotten about you nor has my need to put into digits the stupid things that flow through this enormous melon that rests atop my shoulders.  I have taken a little hiatus in order to dedicate my time adjusting to working as a civilian over the last few months.  This particular topic alone has given me a huge repository of thoughts and feelings I probably should commit to the ether along with all the other drab bits that pop up everyday on our news feeds.

I am just about ready to pop back into a semi-regular bit of publishing this fluff.  After all we have flags to talk about, the newly discovered bi-racial identity syndrome, the ramping up of the next Presidential election that is already underway.  Side note: Republicans, pull your heads out of your asses and trim some of the shit from your party before it devolves any further.  The two-party system sucks monkey nuts as it is, but at least do your best to make it competitive with the other party.  I will also finally start getting some the feelings of anger and disappointment I have stored up since becoming a civilian again; it has not been all bad, even been some really good times, but there have also been some times that make me wonder why I ever volunteered to protect a document most people do not even understand.

I hope to begin to change the look of the site a bit and let it reflect the direction I want to take it.  From time to time I will have some guest writers, some will write under their own names, others anonymously in order to keep them safe in their current employment.  I no longer have the yoke of government employment to weigh me down and temper the terms I use, so anything political is fair game now, some of my potential guest writers will not have the same freedom.  Since I am gainfully employed, if horribly over-qualified and well under-paid for my current position, it is still paying the bills.  Besides, employers these days seem to think they have the right to troll personal information and social media of their employees, so I will be smarter than the dumb-asses out there who have called out their employers by name as they disparage them and subsequently lost their jobs.  I am no less immune from bad decisions than anyone else, but I am self-aware enough to know when everything looks red through my baby-blues to stay away from the keyboard.

So, stick with me as I implement some change over the next few months and knock the rust off of my feeble mind to try and put out some quality, entertaining pieces of opinion.  I may never expand my readership beyond you few loyal readers, but you deserve the best for continuing to check in during my downtime.

Here is to the future………


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